Montauban. At 92, Maurice Coudré decides to hang up the microphone

the essential
Passionate about the accordion since childhood, Maurice has hosted a radio show for 28 years. The Montalbanais had become an emblematic host of Radio Asso.

On December 18 at 10:30 a.m., after 28 years and 2,128 hours of radio, it was time for Maurice Coudré, 92, to hang up and put his microphone away. Passionate about the accordion, he decided to create a voluntary program to the delight of listeners. The nonagenarian says: “I made my debut on Bas Quercy Radio on September 12, 1982. But unfortunately, because of my wife’s health problems, I preferred to quit the show a little over three years later.” Nevertheless the Tarn-et-Garonnais, born February 20, 1930 in Réalville, decided to resume service on July 10, 1993, on Radio Association (100.7), and will not leave the post until today. Her show has always been a complement in her life.

“It’s in my skin”

Passionate about the accordion, he has unfortunately never played this instrument. He came from a modest family, who could not afford to buy him one at the time. So he decides to make it his favorite hobby.

Every Saturday morning, Maurice entered the arena from 9 am to 10:30 am for his volunteer program “Musically yours”. He hasn’t missed any for 28 years! “From show to show, I’ve never lost my passion for the accordion. It’s like I have eternal youth, and I’m still 20 or 25 years old. It’s in my skin.” Maurice declares. Rumba, java, tango, samba… there was something for all genres because “all ears had to be satisfied”. About 25 songs were played per broadcast. The Montalbanais received many guests, such as Tony Meler (Montauban), Raymond Boisserie (Paris region), André Alibert (Moissac), and many others. On each broadcast, the radio received between 10 and 15 calls for live dedications. Maurice was therefore very popular and had his audience. Indeed, it has happened to him more than once that he has been told that his show was superb.

For its most loyal listeners, do not worry, the show will always continue to be broadcast because its technician, Jean-Claude Fauvel, has decided to continue the work of Maurice, who is very grateful for it.