More than 250 activities and screenings will celebrate the day of Spanish cinema on October 6

It was on October 6, 1951 when the production of That Happy Couple. The film, directed and written by the recently graduated young tandem, Juan Antonio Bardem and Luis Garcia Berlanga placeholder image. Starring Fernando Fernan Gomez and Elvira Quintillá, the film recounted the misadventures of a cinematographic electrician who decides to spend the prize his wife had won in a contest to take revenge for a betrayal.

But that film that took two years to release was also the symbol of one of the most brilliant generations of Spanish filmmakers and performers. He explained it in an interview with RTVE Fernando Fernán Gómez:

“The purpose of Bardem and Berlanga with That Happy Couple is for it to be a film that relies on everyday life”

And he achieve it. So much so that the film became a benchmark for a new cinema in Spain and on October 6, when its production was finished, it was chosen by the Ministry of Culture to celebrate Spanish Cinema Day.l. It will be next Wednesday and the ministry has scheduled more than 250 events to celebrate it.

To celebrate this celebration, next Wednesday, October 6, at 12:00 hours, Six National Film Awards will be held at the Doré cinema such as José Sacristán, Mercedes Sampietro, Esther García, Félix Murcia, Josefina Molina and Alberto Iglesias. They will represent six sequences of different
films from the history of Spanish cinema to understand how words on paper become images and sound on the screen. In addition, Filmoteca Española offers for its projection both in educational institutions, cultural associations and other organizations the free disposal of films That happy couple by Luis García-Berlanga and Juan Antonio Bardem (1951), Electric hotel by Segundo Chomón (1908) and The way by Ana Mariscal (1963).

The Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta and the Director General of the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA), Beatriz Navas lo They have presented this morning in Madrid in an event that they have indicated that will serve to: “Recognize the role of professionals in the film sector, their influence and importance in the cultural and social life of our country and the role that Spanish cinema has performed throughout its history and that it must continue to perform “. This day of Spanish Cinema was approved on March 9 by the Council of Ministers.

In addition, this year 2021 also coincides with the centenary of the birth of two key figures, who also participated in that film: Luis García Berlanga and Fernando Fernán Gómez, besides being the 150th anniversary of the birth of Segundo de Chomón.

Centennial of Fernando Fernán Gómez: More than 200 films as actor, screenwriter and director

And it will be the first of several years of celebrations in this regard, since in 2022 it will be the centenary of Juan Antonio Bardem, and in 2023, those of Ana Mariscal and José María Forqué. All of them members of a generation of filmmakers born in the three-year period between 1921 and 1923.

Centennial of Berlanga: The unrepeatable filmmaker who had a deeper Spain than an Iberian ham

An international celebration

The celebration of the Spanish Cinema Day will be an international event in which related activities will be carried out all over the world. Institutions and entities related to the world of cinema in more than 100 countries have programmed cycles, conferences and meetings: 50 embassies, 40 Cervantes institutes and 18 cultural centers of Spain abroad, autonomous communities, film libraries, film academies and the main festivals Spanish filmmakers will join this celebration, which will bring 246 screenings and audiovisual literacy activities to more than 30 educational centers.

Next Tuesday, October 5, the exhibition organized by Filmoteca Española will also open ‘Álex de la Iglesia. Cinema as one of the Fine Arts‘. The exhibition proposes a journey through the cinematographic work of Álex de la Iglesia, who will premiere his next film at the Sitges Festival, through multiple materials linked to his films, series and unrealized projects.

Campaign on social media

In addition, several social networks have joined this celebration. With the hashtag # DíadelCineEspañol, the Ministry of Culture and Sports is carrying out a campaign on all its social networks. Among the most outstanding actions are the one carried out on TikTok and Instagram with the hashtag #MuchoQueContar where people from the world of cinema, culture and different areas of society tell us their favorite Spanish film, and, on the other hand, and in collaboration with TikTok , the audio recreation of a
sequence from the movie ‘That happy couple’.

To guarantee that this party is a success, institutions, producers, distributors, exhibitors, film schools, televisions, VOD platforms, festivals, film libraries and academies have participated.

All the information on the events and materials of the Spanish Cinema Day celebration will be available on the website: