“More than 30 fractures”… Actor Jeremy Renner reveals the extent of the damage after his terrible accident

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The actor made famous in particular by his participation in the saga of the Avengers, is slowly recovering from the accident which almost cost him his life.

Jeremy Renner is better. The 52-year-old American actor was able to return home last week, almost three weeks after being admitted to hospital in an emergency.

He had suffered a terrible accident on New Year’s Day. While driving a snowplow on his property in Tahoe, Nevada, he wanted to help a family member whose car was stuck in the snow. At the time, the United States was indeed facing terrible weather conditions, with extremely negative temperatures and very heavy snowfall.

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Except that shortly after getting off his snowplow, Jeremy Renner realized that the machine was starting to roll on its own. Wanting to prevent the device from causing an accident, the actor tried to regain control by trying to climb into the cockpit at the driver’s seat. That’s when the accident happened.

The one who takes on the features of “Hawkeye” in the Marvel saga failed to get back into the machine. Worse: he found himself crushed by the machine. Victim of serious injuries, in danger of death, he had to be rushed to hospital.

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This Saturday, January 21, the actor spoke to his fans via social networks. Posting a photo of him at his home continuing his rehabilitation, he took the opportunity to detail a little the extent of the damage caused by the accident. And it is impressive: no less than 30 fractures.

He nevertheless wanted to reassure everyone: “These more than 30 broken bones will mend, will strengthen, just as the love and the bond with family and friends deepen”, said the actor, without specifying how much longer it would take for him to get back on his feet.