Mr Han”S packs his bags at the Atelier studio

Hansley Narainen is better known as Mr Han”S. This committed rapper and independent artist of Mauritian origin has just settled in the recording studios of the city where he has given us the story of his life imprinted with music from a young age… It’s up to fourteen years since he left his native country to settle in Toulouse, a city that he considers today as his warm welcoming land. Passionate about hip-hop, he quickly integrated into the local scene and founded the group I2C with rapper DF le Mr Chill, accompanied by Malick Simple (artistic director of the visionary brand), DJ Mayday and DJ Ritmin (Katrina squad). The group’s first EP was a success and their EP “Second Souffle” made their mark on Toulouse hip-hop. This project, the result of a collaboration with the beatmaker Tone, mixes each universe of their respective culture. But then, how to define I2C today? “I2C embodies a vision of Hip-Hop close to its ancestral values: positivity, spontaneity, musicality”, explains Hansley Narainen, “at the time The group occurs on legendary stages like that of Bikini and La Dynamo, and shares the bill with artists such as IAM, DJ Premier, Kery James, Onyx, Lord of the underground, Kaaris and many others.”

2009 is an important date in the adventure of the young man.

“We created, with Malick Simple, the clothing brand Keep It Real. More than a brand, it is for me a state of mind which is based on a simple principle: to remain authentic, confides the rapper. artists such as Alpha Wan, Guizmo, Busta Flex or even Big Flo and Oli. This experience allows him to “stay connected with urban culture even after a musical break caused by the accidental death of my friend and alter ego, DF the Mr Chill , in 2013,” he explains.

New album

After a break of seven years, during which he worked and became the father of two children, Noah and Maelle, the artist feels “the visceral need to return to his first passion: music. It was last year that he posed his suitcases in Pechbonnieu, “that we crossed my wife Alizée and I, when we were going to visit her parents in Villariès, the village where she grew up”, he remembers. I discovered the recording studio of the municipal cultural center there. ‘Atelier, and the incredible team that drives it. Florian, its director, offers me to use this place of creation to work on my new opus, which is progressing well and already has several tracks.

The first seven singles of the next project are available on all music platforms (Spotify, Apple, You Tube Music…) as well as all the productions born from his various collaborations within the collective Maigritude Records, with Teapex (Parenthèse), and the opus “Second souffle” by the group I2C, released in 2013. Atypical and authentic artist, Mr Han”S shares thoughtful and realistic texts on subjects that concern us all. His music is in his image: sincere, deep and committed.

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Keep It Real more than a brand, a lifestyle!

It is a streetwear brand and a collective born in 2009 from a spontaneous community impulse. It is a unifying concept around values ​​from urban cultures and mainly those of HIP-HOP. We are not inventing anything, we are continuing what has already been done by those who have inspired us. KEEP IT REAL It’s you, him, her, just us.