‘Mucize Doktor’, the Turkish ‘The Good Doctor’ that triumphs internationally

First it was a Korean series, then it went to ABC from the hand of Freddie Highmore and it has long been a success in the Ottoman country with this new version.

Something has the history of The Good Doctor so that it triumphs wherever it is adapted. It was born as a Korean drama that premiered in 2013, which led to a Japanese version in 2018, the well-known American fiction starring Freddie Highmore and, now, also a Turkish one. All of them have been very well received by the public and the last of these productions, the one that comes from Turkey, may begin to overshadow that of David Shore, since it has attracted the attention of viewers from different parts of the world.

We talk about Miracle Doctor, a series that premiered on Fox Turkey in 2019 and that has continued its broadcast until May of this year, reaching 64 episodes. Instead of Shaun Murphy or Park Si-on, here we meet Ali Vefa, a young man with autism and Savant syndrome that allows him to have superior knowledge in the field he sets out to do. The premise is exactly the same as the rest of the series, although there are certain differences in the characters and their relationships.

In the Turkish version, the doctor and genius brought to life by Taner Ölmez he has to face a boss who does nothing but make things difficult for him. In the ABC fiction Shaun also has a higher bar than his peers, but Dr. Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez), who is in charge of his learning, fails to express his disagreement in the same way that the Turkish Melendez does.

It also slightly changes the main love relationship. In the Turkish one, Ali falls in love with a professional colleague with whom he shares medical problems and cases. In the American, it is Lea (Paige Spara), a neighbor, who occupies his heart. Of course, in the hospital he is surrounded by great friends who support him and he also has some other romance, like the one he had with Carly (Jasika Nicole).

Also, if you have been hooked on the story since the American production, you will also notice that the origins of the protagonist are different. In the series of Freddie Highmore, the protagonist is picked up at the age of 14 by Doctor Glassman (Richard Schiff), who acts as a tutor for the rest of his life. In the original series and the Turkish one, he grows up in a center specializing in children with disorders, where they discover that he is a genius.

In short, these are small details that each production has included or eliminated to adapt the story to the public in the most convenient way. What never seems to change is their good reception. Yes The Good Doctor It is one of the most watched series on American free-to-air television, Miracle Doctor has become a phenomenon in other countries beyond Turkey. This is what happened in Mexico, where, under the title of Doctor Miracle, has swept after his arrival on HBO Max. Will we be able to see it in Spain when the streaming platform lands on October 26? We’ll be alert.

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