Muggles and wizards are welcome at Hogwarts Legacy: don’t miss a single spell with its accessibility options – Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy

Less than a month remains to be able to get the hang of Hogwarts Legacy, at least in its versions of PC and next-generation consoles, platforms on which it will be released first. The title developed by Avalanche Software set in the Harry Potter universe has already introduced us to both minimum and recommended requirements on computer as confirmed multiple graphics modes on consoles, as well as accessibility options.

We are going to talk about them today, since we can discover them by taking a look at the official support website of the title published by Warner Bros. Among the highlights is the fact that Hogwarts Legacy will have four levels of difficultywhich can be changed at any time during the game and some offer more facilities than others.

It will have four levels of difficulty, and it can be changed whenever we want

For example, the lowest level, indicated for those looking to enjoy the story, includes goal reminders and orientation aids, as well as the chance of not failing any spellan option available in the accessibility options for those less experienced in the gameplay. In the same way, the tutorials will appear at the beginning, but they will be available in a glossary to be able to consult them at any time.

Regarding the visual and sound section, you can choose narrated menus and texts, color blind mode, different screen configurations or modify the size and contrast of the texts. There’s also audio visualizer, 3D audio, colors for enemies, camera vibrations, and the ability to activate a magnifying glass mode on both PlayStation and Xbox.


Those who want to configure the control to their liking will be able to change the functions of the controller joysticks, touch the sensitivity of the mouse for the camera or use or not use DualSense functions in the case of PlayStation 5. In addition, there is auto save and manual savebeing able to create different personalized files.

When is Hogwarts Legacy released?

We say that there is little left to test the title because from Avalanche Software confirmed that Hogwarts Legacy is already gold in the versions of pc, PS5 Y Xbox Series X|Swhich means that its development is finished and it is ready to be released to the market next February 10. In fact, you can know all game details in a special article that we have dedicated to him in 3DJuegos.

In return, the PS4 and Xbox One versions have their release delayedand will be available to play from the April 4. Likewise, we did not know the release date of the Nintendo Switch version either and, although we knew that it would arrive later than the rest, it has finally set its date for the day July 25 of this year 2023.