Music in Tarn: “dynamic” support for young groups

the essential
Since 2014, the ADDA du Tarn has offered support to emerging Tarn groups through the Music in Tarn system. Laura Dauzat, member of the Öly group, benefited from it in 2018 and explains her interest.

“To raise a step in the practice of an amateur group”, such is the ambition of the Music in Tarn device, carried by the ADDA (Departmental Association for the Development of the Arts). Since 2014, he selects local music groups every year and accompanies them for a year in their project.

Öly, a trio of vocals, cello and beats, was the winner of the 2018 edition. “We had three months of existence, remembers Laura Dauzat, leader of the group. We had brought together the musicians and identified the music wanted to do. The device allowed us to do stage residencies and to be coached. There is a big difference between recording at home and doing a live show. It helped us.”

Öly forged a partnership with the Bolegason and also recorded its first EP of 5 titles: “they supported us enormously for its creation and its recording”, adds Laura Dauzat. The Bolegason provides them with a recording studio and the ADDA finds them a sound engineer.

“Mount of Visibility”

The group also benefits from training sessions to move from amateur to professional practice. “I do not necessarily intend to live from my music, specifies Laura Dauzat, but this stage aimed to present the most accomplished work, the most beautiful possible.”

In 2019, Öly performs around forty concerts, half of which are directly or indirectly linked to Music in Tarn: “it created a boost in visibility”, assures Laura Dauzat. “They don’t lead to fame but allowed us to really enjoy ourselves, to feel supported. It brings a real dynamic to make these weapons.”

Even today, even if the Covid has slowed down their activity and their projects, they continue to exchange with ADDA and their partners to benefit from advice. A “true continuity” that will allow Öly to go further and soon release a new EP.

This year, Music in Tarn will select two winners. And a new category is appearing, entitled “boost”, which will be responsible for highlighting groups over a period of 6 months. Submission of applications until February 23. The winners will be announced on April 2 at the FOMAC (contemporary music forum) at Pratgraussals in Albi.