Music: Stromae, Pete Doherty, 2022 year of returns

(AFP) – If the Covid-19 casts a shadow over some concerts at the start of the year, 2022 only asks to shine on platforms and turntables with expected returns, such as Stromae, Pete Doherty or Jack White.

Fortunately there are the records. In the Netherlands, Eurosonic, a festival that pioneers contemporary music in Groningen, will be reduced to a virtual edition, online (January 19-22). And in France, it is the return of the gauges (2,000 people maximum indoors, 5,000 outdoors) and the ban on standing concerts until the last week of January.

As a snub to these restrictions, Stromae’s new album is called “Multitude” (March 4). The enthusiasm is up to the expectations, while the Belgian, exhausted by his last tour, had withdrawn from the musical circuit since 2015.

“He left in full light, everything he does is so well thought out, licked”, summarizes AFP Matthieu Ducos, director of Rock en Seine, Ile-de-France festival which schedules it in August. The music video for her first single, “Health”, released in mid-October, has already been viewed more than 22 million times on YouTube.

Another artist passed in the wringer (of his own excesses this time) Pete Doherty (leader of the Libertines) also returns.

No date announced but a first scout track released in mid-November, “The fantasy life of poetry & crime”.

– Revoilà Tears for Fears –

At his side for this delicate title, we find Frédéric Lo, a songwriter unknown to the general public but renowned in the community (he had put Daniel Darc, another great burnt of rock’n’roll, and worked with Stephan Eicher or Bill Pritchard, English pop goldsmith).

“We got along very well, so we have an album”, confesses in Vinyl & Audio Pete Doherty, who has rebuilt his life in Etretat in Normandy.

Jack White, another earthy guitarist who had, like Doherty, relaunched rock in the 2000s (with the White Stripes), tumbles in 2022 with two albums, “Fear of the dawn” on April 8 and “Entering heaven alive” on 22nd of July. A first extract, “Taking me back”, allows us to hear that he has not lost any of his striking force.

Bloc Party, another showcase of the unleashed six-strings of the 2000s, is also reborn. “Alpha games” is scheduled for April 29 and the English group have already launched their invigorating “Traps”.

Is it because the Rolling Stones will celebrate their 60th anniversary in 2022 that so many rock groups are coming back? The list doesn’t stop there: Placebo (“Never let me go” on March 25) is also showing up.

Even pop veteran Tears for Fears, with nearly 40 years of career and fans like The Weeknd, are emerging from an 18-year record silence (“The tipping point” on February 25).

– Changing to a “Chaise longue” –

Rest assured, the next generation is also coming to the fore, with Wet Leg (eponymous album on April 8). These two English women from the Isle of Wight are already flashing in the radars with their French-speaking single “Chaise longue” (2 million views on YouTube, 6 million listens on Spotify). A tour is to stretch from January to July, if the pandemic permits, between the UK, USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe.

Among the French, there is also revival in the air, since Renaud has promised an album of covers in the spring. How will his voice be? His stamp was already very damaged on his last album (“Les mômes et les enfants premiere”, 2019).

Fishbach, noticed in 2017 with “A ta merci”, is also coming out of her retirement in the Ardennes forest. His title “Golden Mask”, irrigated by a 1980s groove, his signature, precedes a new album for February.

Finally, the electro-maestro Kavinsky, world famous with the soundtrack of “Drive” (2011), is also showing signs of life. After his collaboration with The Weeknd on the track “Odd Look” (2013), he unpacks “Renegade”, the first single from a second album, “Reborn”, without a specific landing date.