Music: the group “Trois Cafés Gourmands” in express passage to Agen

the essential
The Corrèze group revealed by the cardboard, among other things, of the title “To our memories” was passing through, Thursday, in Agen to participate in the morning show of 47 FM. When will they come for a concert?

It was not a first for them. The three members of the group “Trois Cafés Gourmands” were the exceptional guests of the Morning of the Lot-et-Garonnaise 47 FM radio, Thursday morning. They had already participated in this show, now hosted by Mathieu Di Papet, last December.
Between transit between Toulouse and Bordeaux, the Corrèze group therefore made a small morning stopover in the premises of 47 FM in Boé. And as with each of their cathodic or radiophonic visit, Mylène, Sébastien and Jérémy brought a big dose of good humor and conviviality. Ideal you say to start the day.

In concert at Casteljaloux

We no longer need to present this Corrèze group which was revealed to the general public thanks to the title “A nos souvenirs”. A real success that propelled Trois Cafés Gourmands into another dimension in the summer of 2018. Their album “un air de rien” even ranks number 1 on the Top albums in France. An opus that will even be a triple platinum disc. A second album “like children” knows a start of madness where we find the title “on t’emmène”
A few days ago, this album was reissued with five unreleased tracks. A news that they evoked at the microphone of Di Papet, this Thursday morning. You can discover “Une sola vida” the Spanish version of “One Life”.

For an hour, the Corrèze group did not spare its good humor at the microphone of 47 FM. Thus, we were able to hear several of their key pieces again. A very pleasant moment before the trio set off again on the roads of France for a tour.

A date in Agen?

When will there be a date in Lot-et-Garonne? For the moment, there is no scheduled. Moreover, the group would like to participate in the Grand Pruneau Show. A message he had dropped several weeks ago. A message to say the least clear for the organizers. And certainly an atmosphere of madness guaranteed. Perhaps in the summer of 2022 for the great return of GPS in its full version? Answer within a few weeks.
Trois Cafés Gourmands has already performed in the 47. It was near Casteljaloux in the summer of 2018 in front of the casino of the spa town.
The group had provided the first part of Collectif Métissé. For more than half an hour, Trois Cafés Gourmands had literally set the Clarens esplanade on fire. The conquered public had already taken over the greatest pieces of the group at that time.
Nice images, an exceptional moment of relaxation that the fans of the group want to relive in Lot-et-Garonne. Never satisfied with delicacies!