Music wins: Orelsan, Angèle, Stromae… discover the sacred artists this Friday evening

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The 38th Victory ceremony took place this Friday evening at the Seine Musicale, in the Hauts-de-Seine. Orelsan, Angèle, Stromae… Many artists have been rewarded.

This Friday evening, February 10, took place the Victoires de la musique 2023 ceremony, presented by Laury Thilleman.

Orelsan, 40, won three trophies: for the clip of “The quest”, the song of the year for this same title and the concert of the year. The Norman rapper now exceeds the monuments Johnny Hallyday and Alain Souchon, ten trophies each. He is only one length away from the record of 13 trophies, co-held by -M- and Alain Bashung. This does not help the situation for a ceremony accused of rewarding the same artists in waves.

Calogero, honorary president of the Victoires, has also taken advantage of this platform to tackle certain decision-makers in the music industry and encourage them to go and find more new talent. The singer attacked, without naming anyone, officials guided by marketing studies: “we do not lock artists, we do not shape them”.

In the regulars category, Stromae, 37, won Male Artist of the Year and Best Album. He’s come a long way. After a long break caused by a burn-out, the artist resumed his flight with the album “Multitude”. “I’m still a little moved,” said the singer, who thanked his relatives who work with him, his brother Luc Van Haver and Coralie Barbier, his wife.

Another Belgian, Angèle, 27, achieved a double with the Victory of the female artist and the title of the female artist to the most streamed album for “Nonante-Cinq”.

There were two emotional sequences in the ceremony. Serge Lama received a Victory of Honor, the 600th award given in the history of the ceremony, which was celebrating its 38th edition. And to receive a standing ovation on the eve of his 80th birthday. “I was very moved because I knew it would be my last evening in front of a standing audience. This victory makes me very happy because it comes from the profession. It was the right time: I’m leaving…”, told the press the one who will no longer sing. “This Victory crowns a career, I have a lot of projects, probably my autobiography but other things without singing that I can’t talk about yet”.

The other touching moment was November Ultra, sacred feminine revelation, recalling in tears that her mother told her “you know, the children of workers it is rare that they become artists”. The Belgian Pierre de Maere was crowned male revelation.

The absence of specific prizes for popular musical styles, such as electro or rap, has been the subject of much criticism. “Above all, stay well between you and your little arrangements, we don’t need you to exist, and to be the only French music that is exported”, thus castigated Yuksek, an electro figure, on Twitter. For its part, rap, apart from OrelSan, is also under-represented in the queen categories with regard to the bubbling French-speaking scene and its hegemony. Ninho, crowned with a Victory for male artist to the most streamed album, was not even present to receive his prize.