Muslims and “Happy New Year”: Gims’ words are controversial on social networks

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Rapper Gims doesn’t want anyone to wish him the New Year. On social networks, he publishes “rant” videos, which have sparked controversy.

Gims is not inclined to wish him a Happy New Year. The singer asked through several videos posted on his Instagram account this Saturday, January 1 to his fans not to offer him wishes.

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The rant of rapper Gims who asks Muslims to stop wishing him a happy new year

“Please, with the Happy New Years, New Years, leave me with that, you know I never replied to that, and you keep sending me throughout January, February… (…) Most muslims (Muslims) send this to me. Did the companions (of the prophet) celebrate the New Year? No. Guys, please stop “, a- he declared.

Gims rants against people who wish him “Happy New Year”.

He no longer wants to hear about it and reminds all Muslims.

– Generasonrap (@generasonrap) January 1, 2022

Also in the rapper’s sights: birthdays. For him: “It’s one more step towards death. So it’s not part of our convictions. Come on, we focus on our own things. It’s not mean. But let’s stay strong on our values” .

“It’s about sharing a moment of joy and happiness”

The video footage sparked controversy on social media. They were first spotted and then relayed by the former spokesperson for Génération Identitaire, Damien Rieu. Then, Sunday, it was the turn of the presidential candidate Eric Zemmour to resume the extract, while tackling her rival Valérie Pécresse, who had been supported by Gims in a video before the regional elections.

According to Chems-Eddine Hafiz, rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris, Muslims can celebrate the New Year. “Obviously the answer is in the affirmative. It is about sharing a moment of joy and happiness. This human fraternity cannot be called into question. It is for Muslims to share human values ​​with their fellow citizens without compromising in question their faith “he details in the columns of the Parisian.