My French Film Festival is back and these are all the films you can see in the 12th edition

The French online contest takes place from January 14 to February 14.

With the arrival of the month of January, one of the most appealing film festivals of this beginning of the year returns. We refer, of course, to My French Film Festival, the french film competition, organized by Unifrance, that is held exclusively online. His 12th edition will take place from today Friday January 14 to February 14. A full month to enjoy the 30 feature films and short films that are part of this new installment and that will be available to all Internet users.

Along the same lines as in previous editions, My French Film Festival comes ready to offer moviegoers the best french cinema and in french. Each year the selected films follow different thematic lines marked by the organization of the contest. On this occasion, among the proposed topics are: French and enraged, fearless youth, the cinema of desire e night stories.

In addition, this year it is worth highlighting the section Kids Corner, in which the little ones can enjoy silent animation shorts, directed by young filmmakers trained in the best animation schools in France.

A total of 10 feature films will compete this year to win the Grand Jury Prize. The comedy ¡On boarding!; the documentary The monopoly of violence; the animated film Calamity, and the ‘thriller’ Doctor at Night are some of the titles that will try to win over the jury made up of Michelle Couttolenc, Joachim Lafosse, Filippo Meneghetti, Santiago Miter Y Daphné Patakia.

The contest also has two other awards: the International Press Award -voted by a jury of foreign journalists- and the Audience Award -selected by Internet users. Both will select the best short films and feature films. The names of the winners will be made public on February 15.

The viewing of the short films will be free for the public, while the cost to see a feature film will be 1.99 euros. The entire content of this new edition of My French Film Festiva will be completely free in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Poland, Romania and Russia / CIS.

footage will be available on the festival website, but also in the 70 VOD platforms that have been associated with the contest, among them, Apple TV+, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video y MUBI.

Then you can check the most outstanding feature films offered by My French Film Festival in its 12th edition.


Guillaume Brac is the director of On boarding!, a romantic comedy that transports us to Parisian summer nights. In this idyllic place, Félix and Alma meet, two young people from different social classes who connect from the first moment. Their adventure only lasts one night, because the next day Alma goes on vacation to the other side of France. Félix doesn’t want to lose the one he considers the love of his life, and decides to travel in search of Alma to surprise her. To do this, he embarks on a journey with his friend Chérif, unaware that several unforeseen events will arise along the way.


the animation tape Calamity is another of the films participating in the competition section of the 12th edition of My French Film Festival. Directed by Rémi Chayé, the film, set in the United States in 1863, tells the story of Martha, a teenager who gathers her courage to take charge of the caravan in which she travels with her family, when her father falls ill. Far from being overwhelmed by this unexpected task, Martha feels freer than ever and decides to break the rules to wear pants. On his way, he faces a harsh accusation that forces him to pretend to be a boy in order to run away.

‘honey cigar’

Honey Cigar is the title of the feature film directed by Kamir Aïnouz. The film follows Selma, a 17-year-old girl who lives in 1993 Paris with her wealthy family. Her way of seeing life changes radically when Julien appears in her life, a boy who will make her see that the pressure exerted on her by her family does not allow her to achieve happiness. This leads Selma to consider the idea of ​​becoming independent, even knowing the consequences that her decision could have.

‘The Gallant Indies’

The documentary The Gallant Indies, directed by Philippe Béziat, shows how Jean-Philippe Rameau’s 1735 work of the same name was recreated at the Paris Opera. The feature film collects the experiences of the 30 dancers and the creative and artistic team, from rehearsals to the moment of staging.

‘night doctor’

Elie Wajeman is the director of night doctor, a ‘thriller’ that delves into the dangerous world of addictions. The plot follows Mikaël, a doctor who consults at night in the poorest neighborhoods of the city, where a large part of his patients are drug addicts. His life has become a nightmare, and in addition to dealing with his wife and her lover, he must continue with the agreement he signed with his cousin to issue false prescriptions.


Cartoonist Nine Antico makes her directorial debut with Playlist, a romantic comedy that pays homage to the ‘Nouvelle Vague’. Sophie is the protagonist of the story, a 28-year-old girl who dreams of being an artist and finding the love of her life. But things are not as easy as collecting the lyrics of the songs that sound in your mind.

‘Under the skies of Lebanon’

Under the Skies of Lebanon is Chloé Mazlo’s feature debut. The film tells the story of Sofie, a woman who decides to leave her quiet life in Switzerland to move to the coast of Beirut. There he meets Joseph, an astrophysicist working on a project to send the first Lebanese rocket into space. Both begin a beautiful relationship, which will be threatened with the arrival of civil war.


Teddy is the title of the feature film directed by Ludovic and Zoran Boukherma. The story follows Teddy, a 19-year-old boy who lives with his uncle in a small town in the Pyrenees. What was going to be an unforgettable summer with his girlfriend turns crazy when, one night, he is attacked by a mysterious animal. Days later he begins to have a series of unusual behaviors, which endanger those around him.

‘The monopoly of violence’

Journalist David Dufresne is the director of The monopoly of violence, the documentary that shows images of the police charges that were carried out during the concentrations of the Yellow Vests, in France.

‘Crazy for life’

Ann Sirot and Raphaël Balboni make their directorial debut with Loca por la vida, another of the films in competition at this 12th edition of the French online film competition. The drama tells the story of Alex and Noémie, a couple who dreams of having their first child. His plans are disrupted when Alex’s mother begins to act strangely. This leads them to have to take care of her as if she were their own daughter.

‘The lover’

Out of competition will be shown The Lover, the feature film by Jean-Jacques Annaud, which celebrates its 30th anniversary. The story takes place in Indochina in the 1920s. A young French woman travels there who soon crosses paths with El Chino, a handsome merchant who invites her to get into his limousine. Both will live a passionate love story whose end is already written.

‘The horizon’

Delphine Lehericey is the director of the drama The Horizon, another of the films that can be seen out of competition. The film, set in the summer of 1976, narrates how a relentless drought threatens to devastate the Swiss fields. In this scenario, Gus, a 13-year-old teenager, lives his particular end of the world, seeing how his family begins to crumble.

‘Nadia, Butterfly’

Out of competition, the drama Nadia, Butterfly, directed by Pascal Plante, also stands out. It tells the story of Nadia, a young world swimming champion, who decides to leave everything behind to savor the freedom of a life away from elite sports.