“My goal is to completely disrupt the market,” the anti-establishment jeweler threatening World of Warcraft’s auction monopoly – World of Warcraft

world of warcraft is a wonderful game because in addition to allowing you to go on adventures in a fantastic world, its MMO nature with so many players nlets you study group dynamics and draw lessons about reality. Not surprisingly, the Corrupted Blood episode was the subject of university studies that were later used for the COVID pandemic.

And through a recent post on the Blizzard game’s subreddit, we get yet another lesson about the real world. What happened to the player alphabottom92 It is a sample of what can happen when you face the monopoly of a few and limit their economic benefits.

AlphaBottom92 is one of the few jewelery artisans on your server with the ability to create Elemental Reataa powerful necklace released with the new Dragonflight expansion that sells in Azeroth auctions for massive amounts of gold.

Well, since few players could access this item because of the price, this user decided to make it practically at cost price. Everything was praise and congratulations at first, but soon there was an open confrontation against the monopoly of artisans who were profiting from this situation.

Elemental Reata

The object in question.

“On the third day, I realized that the greed and corruption that had taken over the market affected not only me, but the entire community as well. I created a simple macro that allowed me to craft the Elemental Reata for a small tip , making it accessible to everyone”, explains the player in his post.

In view of the millions in losses suffered, the rest of the artisans agreed to make massive reports to AlphaBottom92 for bad communication. To ensure that abuse does not occur, mass reports have a habit of blocking the complainant’s chat before a moderator even takes a look at the case. And that’s what happened.

“My efforts were met with resistance and I was banned from the chat. I received an in-game warning for miscommunication, and a few hours later I was completely banned from the chat. I want to make it clear that I have not insulted and have never said a bad word to anyone. The ones who intimidated me or sent hate messages,” says this World of Warcraft jeweler.

He will return to challenge the system


In view of this abuse of the reporting system, the player went to Blizzard customer service, where he exposed the case. And the answer was not satisfactory: “They responded quickly to my appeal, but they told me that they could not see what messages had been reported and that they could only take action once I was completely banned. They suggested that I change the price of my service, which which I find unacceptable. This answer is not only bad, it is also ridiculous and shows the madness that is ruining this game and its community.”

Although without being able to access the chat he cannot offer his services optimally, the player vows revenge. In his post he comments that he has already created more than 200 Elemental Reatasand that certain players have begun to give him a cable announcing their services for him.

His next step will be to offer these necklaces for free.: “My goal is to completely disrupt the Lariat Elemental market. I firmly believe that one of the best items in the game should be available to everyone, regardless of whether they are new players or low on gold. I am determined to make it happen. “