“My montage is much better”: It is one of the worst DC movies but why did they not let us see the good version

The director of this film based on the comics of the famous company has been one of the most reviled in the film franchise.

The DC Universe It is in the process of changes. The arrival of James Gunn and Peter Safran as new directors of DC Studios will significantly alter established plans. One of his first victims has been Henry Cavill, who will not return as Clark Kent/Superman. These decisions, despite being drastic, may serve to improve a franchise that has not been at its best for years. The decisions that Warner Bros. began taking after the premiere of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) affected League of Justice (2017). That is something already known by all. But there was also another movie that came out scalded: Suicide Squad.

Released in 2016, the film follows a group of villains sent on suicide missions by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis). Due to the poor reception of batman v superman, Warner Bros. wanted to control more its subsequent products and one of its decisions was to change the editing of the film. David Ayer, his director, has said on more than one occasion that his version of the film was very different and now he has emphasized it again. Basically, it seems that Suicide Squad it’s a good movie, the problem is that they didn’t let us see the version that would make it be described as such.

Responding to a Twitter discussion about the film, Ayer made it clear that his film was heavily altered in post-production, noting that his pitch was very different from the final product:

Normally, you would be correct. This is an extraordinary case of a movie being completely redesigned in post-production. It’s not like just a couple of scenes are added. The nature of the film fundamentally changed. I’m telling you this by looking into your eyes. my version is much better

Will we ever see the assembly of Suicide Squad from yesterday? League of Justice opened the door for it to be so. After the premiere of the movie that united the DC superheroes and knowing that Zack Snyder had not been the one who had finished the final version, fans began to ask that the director show the world his cut. The desire of the fans added to a pandemic and that Snyder had all the necessary material to make a movie in his house, made it easier for the fans’ dream to come true. In 2021, Zack Snyder’s Justice League saw the light in HBO. For now, it seems that Ayer’s film is not going to suffer the same fate.

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Suicide Squad raised more than 746 million dollars, but it was received negatively by critics and the public. Years later, in 2021, Gunn premiered The Suicide Squad. This standalone sequel brought back some actors from the 2016 film: Margot Robbie as harley quinnJai Courtney as Captain BoomerangJoel Kinnaman as rick flagg and Viola Davis as Amanda Waller.

After this installment, Gunn created the series The peacemaker with John Cena again as the character with whom he debuted in The Suicide Squad. Although this film alone grossed over $168 million -a pandemic still in force in between-, the response from critics and the public was positive.

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