Narbonne. Two young people from Narbonne in the program “Pékin Express”

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At 21, Tanguy and Florian took part in the program “Pékin Express” on M6, which took place in the heart of South America. First episode broadcast this Thursday, February 16, from 9 p.m.

One is working in the real estate sector, the other is a nursing student. Aged 21, Florian and Tanguy participated in “Beijing Express”, a program broadcast on M6, the first episode of which will be available on Thursday February 16, at 9:10 p.m., with South America as its destination. An unforgettable moment for these cousins ​​who only dreamed of adventure.

“For us, it was normal to do this show together, says Tanguy. We have always been accomplices and we wanted to show that at 21, we can embark on an adventure like this”. Added to this is a common desire to discover new landscapes, to meet new people… to experience a new personal experience.

“When we found out that we were selected, we were in shock and our family too, adds Florian. We did not expect it. We had already applied for the show before, but without success”.

“During the show, the weirdest thing was having the cameras follow us, confides Tanguy. Finally, we get used to it quite quickly. But we want to say it: we remained natural, like in real life. People will be able to find out who we are. Young people will be able to identify with us and see that anything is possible at our age.”

But before being able to participate in “Beijing Express”, the two Narbonnais had to go through the preparations. “We are both athletes, adds Tanguy. Personally, I trained a lot, both physically and mentally, for stress management”. “I was a little less diligent, admits Florian, laughing. But I didn’t worry too much”.

And for the first episode, the cousins ​​assure him, they would like, why not, privatize a bar to be able to discover it with family and friends. “Tanguy and I have opposite characters: I am someone who goes towards others, he is more introverted and he thinks more. There were also tensions from time to time, underlines Florian. But that is precisely what was our strength during the adventure, we knew how to remobilise”. See you this Thursday, February 16, to follow their journey.