Narbonne. Will Barber at The Voice: “There are going to be beautiful people”

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Will Barber is back on the set of The Voice for its special 10-year anniversary edition. See you this Saturday, September 25 to find out who of the 5 coaches will recognize him and turn around …

What was your reaction when you were asked to come back to The Voice?

Frankly, I said to myself “this is great”. When I was offered this proposal to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Voice, I didn’t think long! I couldn’t say no… We find everyone, we have the impression of seeing the family again.

The return to the set must be impressive?

Yes, the atmosphere, the red armchairs, the cameras, the lights… In addition, TV is not really my thing, I still have a knot in my stomach, but it has given me so much. I have a lot of apprehension on the set. It’s very impressive, plus for the 10-year-olds, it’s really a very big show.

What is the principle of this anniversary?

We are in “all stars” mode with 50 candidates from The Voice who come back for a blind audition. It’s always the same principle with coaches who turn around! They have to try to recognize who is back, but it’s difficult, there have been a lot of edits.

Was your coach Zazie? Who are the others ?

Yes, I also know Mika and Florent Pagny, but they are 5 this year. I discovered Jennifer and Patrick Fiori.

Did you also find participants?

Luc Arbogast with whom I shared the Olympia, but there are plenty of others. We all saw each other again, there are really beautiful people and sacred voices. It’s heavy 10 years! There is a very good spirit among all the artists.

In 2017, did you surprise everyone with your incredible cover of Pink Floyd? What have you chosen this year?

I can not tell you ! It will be the surprise. I can just tell you that I remain in my repertoire and my musical color.

Can you say that The Voice has changed your life?

Obviously and it will continue! There is so much that has happened since then. I opened a studio in La Clape, the Vallée des Artistes, which is doing well. We have a lot of projects, we are making good progress. We fell behind with the confinement because it was very complicated to see each other to work together. My album will be released soon, in the wake of the show. I still have to choose his title … By then several singles will be unveiled.