Neil Young 1970

Clever as anything, Neil Young was one of the first to realize the importance of his sound archives. Which regularly gives remarkable albums, especially when they take us back to the very prosperous 70s.

And it is thus, after the formidable “Young Shakespeare”, captured in public in January 1971, that one finds oneself, by going back slightly in time, at Carnegie Hall in New York, in December 1970. That is to say two years before the legendary “Harvest”, which will include in particular “Old man”, already in place here. Other wonders are on the program, long since entered the pantheon of pop: “Down by the river”, “The loner”, “Helpless”, “Ohio” and many others, all embodied with fervor by a Neil Young alone on stage but occupying the space with force.

“Carnegie Hall 1970” de Neil Young (double vinyle Shakey Pictures/Reprise/Warner).