Neither fire in the kitchens nor the “magical” test at Disneyland Paris: The audience begins to tire of ‘MasterChef’ and the final of the Christmas special does not exceed a million viewers

Anabel Alonso emerged as the winner of the Christmas special of the culinary program on a chaotic night.


MasterChef Christmas has come to an end. The Christmas special crowned Anabel Alonso as its winner in one of the most chaotic nights in memory on the TVE program. And it is that the final was marked by a mishap between Mario Vaquerizo and Carmina Barrios that almost set fire to the kitchens of the ‘talent’ and a “magical” outdoor test at Disneyland Paris. Despite these incentives, its broadcast did not exceed one million viewers and confirms that the audience is already starting to get tired of the endless versions of masterchef.

“I’m happy. I think it’s one of the best moments I’ve had on TV and I’ve been on TV for more than 30 years,” said the actress after winning ‘MasterChef Christmas’. And it doesn’t surprise us. Was the third time that Anabel Alonso participated in the culinary program and, finally, he has managed to win after a very close duel with La Terremoto.

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The final duel came after the outdoor test at Disneyland Paris, which was widely criticized for taking ‘celebrities’ and their families to the magical theme park. But before, there was one of the most chaotic tests ever remembered in a final. After the performance of Ana Mena who opened the final of MasterChef Christmas, the contenders for victory had to simultaneously follow the instructions of two chefs, Fina Puigdevall and Martina Puigbert. During the cooking, chaos reigned, and even Carmina’s saucepan burst into flames.

The format already tires the audience

masterchef It continues to be the star format of TVE’s La 1, but it is beginning to show obvious signs of wear. The culinary program has three versions -anonymous, ‘celebrities’ and juniors- that are broadcast almost continuously on public television, so RTVE hardly gives the ‘talent’ a breather. A fact that is beginning to cause viewers to get tired, and it is already reflected in the audience data.

The tenth edition of the anonymous version was the least seen in history of the program with an average of 14.6% share and 1.6 million viewers. The same happened with the other two versions of the ‘talent’, also broadcast during 2022: Master Chef Celebrity 7 obtained 15.5% and 1.5 million viewers on average and Master Chef Junior 9 achieved an average of 10.6% and 1.3 million viewers.

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After this drop in audience, the public channel and the production company Shine Iberia opted for a special mini-edition this Christmas where they mixed celebrities and juniors who had already participated. A combination that from the beginning did not captivate the audience, which is why RTVE changed the broadcast dates several times due to the poor results. And it is that ‘MasterChef Christmas’ has obtained an average of 9.6% share and 957,000 viewers. Of course, its final rose two tenths compared to its last installment by scoring 10.6% but with 954,000 viewers. A very distant data to that of their editions.

Thus, MasterChef Christmas it becomes the least-seen edition of all of the format. Nonetheless, RTVE and Shine Iberia continue to bet on culinary ‘talent’ and they already prepare Master Chef 11. We will have to wait to confirm if the star format of RTVE really tires the audience.

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