Nelson Monfort reveals his salary after 30 years on France Télévisions

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A key figure in sport on France Televisions, Nelson Monfort was asked about his salary. The reporter responded.

Like Robert Chapatte or Gérard Holtz, Nelson Monfort is an essential face of the sports department of France Télévisions. Roland-Garros, figure skating, Olympic Games: Nelson Monfort has been thrilling viewers for 29 years and gathers the reactions of the greatest athletes in the world thanks to his impeccable English. A style all his own that inspires many imitators.

Guest of the show L “instant de Luxe, on Star play TV, Nelson Monfort was asked about his salary. The question initially embarrassed Nelson Monfort who replied: “I prefer not to say it”. Pressed with questions by host Jordan from Nelson Monfort gave a first fork. “I earn less than 10,000 euros per month. I will not go into details but much less. We can divide by two, roughly.” Or around 5,000 euros per month.

If Nelson Monfort recognizes that “in the audiovisual industry, it is a fairly slim remuneration because I am not a producer”, the journalist considers that it is a good salary. “Compared to 90% of French people, yes”.

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“I realize how lucky I am to follow the Olympic Games, and the opportunities that France Televisions has offered me and continues to offer me,” detailed the sports journalist.

And to add with a smile: “29 years old is not bad, it may be too much” …