Netflix Alert: You have only a few days to watch one of Al Pacino’s most iconic movies on the platform

An essential crime drama from one of the most stylish directors and one of the most eighties movies of all time. ‘The price of power’ will soon leave the ‘streaming’ service.

One of those movies that every self-respecting moviegoer has seen once in his life.. An absolutely iconic, brutal and insane crime film, with one of the best actors in the world putting on one of the most memorable displays of his own to enhance the work of an essential director. All good things come together the price of power.

Brian De Palma’s film remains an inescapable classic icon, whether it’s for its wild and fabulous scenes or that poster that’s easy to pin on any wall. Al Pacino goes out of his way in this film along with a cast that includes Michelle Pfeiffer and Steven Bauer. The film is available on Netflix until February 15, the day on which you will leave the platform.

In 1980, the lifting of the blockade of Puerto Muriel by Fidel Castro led to the a massive exodus of Cubans to the United States. One of those Cubans is Tony Montana (Pacino), who is tired of misery and is chasing the classic American dream. However, all beginnings are rocky, and after being locked up and escaping confinement, Tony and his friend Manny find themselves working at a mobile food stand.

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Tired and determined to make some real money, they decide to make a name for themselves in town by doing dirty jobs, until build your own empire. However, all power has a high price to pay, especially when you seek the tickle of the leader of a dangerous drug organization.

Remake of the classic Scarface. The Terror of the Underworldwhich in its own way referenced gangsters like Al Capone. Pacino became obsessed with the movie and wanted to make his own version., which was to recreate the era. After a slew of filmmakers involved, De Palma finally accepted the directing assignment and Oliver Stone was commissioned to write the script (although, oddly enough, he didn’t like the original film and initially turned the job down).

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It was this duo that convinced the star and the producers that radical changes had to be made to the film, taking a more contemporary look and talking about Cuban emigration after the missile crisis. A boldness that today would be seen as treason but that then was not seen as an obstacle. On the contrary, they got an even more iconic and essential film.

His impressive tale of rise and fall, the conscientious work to reflect the criminal worlds linked to drugs, how De Palma encourages Pacino to unleash his interpretation. Everything makes the film an essential icon, although nothing is as up to par as its purely eighties aesthetic, with outlandish costumes, neon lights and synthesizer music. An amazing trip to the past.

You can see the price of power on Netflix until February 15. You can also see it on Filmin and Lionsgate+.

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