Netflix confirms return of ‘Tiger King’ (with or without Carole Baskin): 3 things we already know about season 2

The documentary series starring the eccentric Joe Exotic faces a second stage with the tiger breeder in prison. The team, however, promises that it has a lot of content already shot.

It was one of the television phenomena of the pandemic and wowed millions of viewers around the world with the eccentric story of Joe Exotic, the owner of a private tiger zoo who maintained a rivalry with the no less striking Carole Baskin, who in turn ran a sanctuary of these giant felines and who, for many, was suspected of having made her husband disappear in strange circumstances. If you did not live in a bubble in the spring of 2020, you will already know that we are talking about Tiger King, one of the increasingly more documentary series that Netflix has managed to turn into a ‘milestone’ as if it were fiction and that now It has been confirmed that it will have a second season on the platform.

The good news has been announced by the platform this Thursday through its social networks and a video that summarizes the ‘true crime’ titles that will reach the ‘streaming’ service in the coming months. It has rained since the premiere of the first installment, but the creators already assured in their day that they had material to continue and that, definitely, that was their wish. It has had to spend more than a year but, even with its undisputed protagonist serving a prison sentence for having tried to assassinate Baskin, finally the season 2 of Tiger King it will be a reality.

1. The premiere of the second season will be “soon”

The first thing we already know about the new installment of Tiger King is that its premiere will not be delayed too much, since Netflix includes it in its future ‘true crime’ video as “coming soon.”

Thus, taking into account that the series team plans to use material that they had already recorded previously, it is possible that the editing process of a new installment of the documentary series will be faster, since less new material would have to be shot. In addition, although the news of season 2 has been known now, it is also likely that work had already been advanced that at the same time allowed to convince Netflix that it was giving the green light to a good product.

2. Who’s coming back and who’s not in season 2

Creators Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin were the first to be interested and of course they are back, but what about the rest?

On the one hand, Joseph Maldonado-Passage – Joe Exotic’s real name – is serving a 22-year sentence for having hired a hitman to murder Carole Baskin, while other members of his environment have also faced a fateful fate. Jeff Lowe and his wife have been charged with violating the Endangered Species Act and in May, more than five dozen big cats were seized from their Oklahoma zoo, while another of Joe’s companions who testified against him, Erik Cowie, has been found dead recently. Regarding Carole Baskin, the mystery of her husband’s disappearance continues to haunt fans of the series and Lowe himself has kept the accusing finger on the woman.

At the time, Lowe was cautious when confirming whether the characters we met in season 1 of Tiger King They could come back in the future, and more especially Baskin, who was not very satisfied with the result of the docuseries: “I don’t know if anyone, especially Carole Baskin, is going to want to collaborate with them. We’ll see.”

3. Some of the work is already done

It is a key issue, because, although there are still many things that can be explored, Goode and Chaiklin have already assured on other occasions that Much of the material that they shot for the first installment of the documentary series had to be left out for a matter of time.

However, among the material that they shot and left out to conform to the episodes that Netflix had commissioned, there may be real gems, or at least interesting recordings, that they can use for the already confirmed season 2.

“We have a lot of images. There could be a continuation of this story because there are many things that are still developing in it, and it will be as dramatic and as colorful as what has been developed in recent years,” Rebecca Chaiklin assured THAT ONE.