Netflix: his phone number appears in the Squid Game series, he receives thousands of calls per day

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The South Korean series Squid Game is a hit on Netflix. Problem, a real phone number appears in the image, and the line owner has had a nightmare ever since.

Series Squid Game, Where The Squid Game in French, is available since September 17, 2021 on Netflix. This South Korean production in nine episodes, is currently breaking all audience records on the streaming platform. But a Korean 40-year-old had the nasty surprise to see his phone number appear on the show, since he has suffered endless calls from fans, is what reveals The Korea Times.

4,000 calls and texts per day

Man receives an average of 4,000 calls and texts per day. Asked by the Korean television channel MBC, the subscriber, who preferred to remain anonymous, explained that his phone rings at all hours of the day and night, whether for calls or messages.

The production company of the Cyron Pictures series reacted to the problem by jointly drafting an official press release with Netflix, as Allociné recalls on its website. “Netflix, as well as the production company of Squid Game, Cyron Pictures, have taken note of the problem and are currently working to resolve it. We have already had telephone discussions and organized meetings with the number holder and the production company in the presence of the number holder to find a solution to the problem. “