Netflix: Movie Releases January 10-16

The ‘thriller’ ‘Shameless’ and the animation film for the whole family ‘Riverdance’ are two of the most outstanding novelties.

Netflix continues to be willing to continue offering you hours and hours of entertainment, and this second week of January brings you a new selection of titles for the most cinephiles. One of the feature films that you can see on the platform is the ‘thriller’ Without shyness, starring Alyssa Milano.

In addition, the streaming giants premieres this week his new animated film, Riverdance.

Then you can check movies premiering on Netflix from January 10th to 16th.


‘Without shyness’

Netflix premieres this week its new original ‘thriller’, Without shyness. Starring Alyssa Milano, the film follows Grace Miller, a successful mystery novel writer, who joins the investigation into her sister’s murder. Your experience could be instrumental in helping officers discover what was behind your death.

Premiere: January 13th

‘How I fell in love with a gangster’

How I fell in love with a gangster is the title of the new Netflix original drama that you can find in its catalog starting this week. Inspired by true events, the film follows a woman who recounts how she fell in love with Nikós, one of the greatest gangsters in Polish history.

Premiere: 12th of January

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‘The photocopier’

Another novelty that you can see on the platform is the Indonesian ‘thriller’ The photocopier. The plot introduces us to a young woman who, after losing her scholarship for appearing in some photos taken of her during a party, begins to investigate to discover what really happened that night.

Premiere: January 13th


For the little ones in the house, this week the animation film Riverdance comes to Netflix. The film tells the story of an Irish boy and a Spanish girl who, after suffering a sad loss, take refuge in dancing, inspired by a herd of deer.

Premiere: January 14

Premiere: January 11

Premiere: January 14

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