Netflix: Movie Releases January 3-9

The Spanish horror film, ‘El páramo’, and the science fiction thriller ‘Madre / Androide’ are the most outstanding novelties of this week.

Netflix wants to make it happen regular the first week of January. The streaming service has planned for these first days of the year the premiere of one of its most anticipated horror films. We are referring to El páramo, the Spanish film starring Inma Cuesta.

This week the sci-fi thriller Mother / Android, with Chloë Grace Moretz as the protagonist, is also scheduled to arrive on the platform.

Then you can check Movies that will premiere on Netflix from January 3 to 9.


‘4 halves’

Italian romantic comedy 4 halves It is one of the new titles that Netflix incorporates to its catalog. The film follows Sara and Luca, two friends who want to see if it is true that there is a soul mate for each person. In their desire to prove it, they decide to invite four single friends to dinner, in order to see if love arises between any of them.

Premiere: January 5

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The moor

The moor It is the title of the new horror feature film with a Spanish label that Netflix premieres this week. Directed by David Casademunt, the film premiered at the last Sitges Festival 2021. Starring Inma Cuesta, the film follows Lucía, a mother who lives in a house far from the world, with her young son. Their tranquility is threatened when they begin to feel the threat of a mysterious and ruthless creature, who will put their life on the line.

Premiere: January 6th

Mother / Android

The sci-fi thriller Mother / Android It is another of the novelties that the platform has prepared for this week. Starring Chloë Grace Moretz, Algee Smith and Raul Castillo, the film takes us to a post-apocalyptic world, in which androids have waged a war to end humans. In this bleak place, young Georgia and her boyfriend Sam try to find a safe place where they can give birth to their baby. To achieve this, he will have to face numerous setbacks and different groups of androids that will make it very difficult for him.

Premiere: January 7th

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