Netflix premieres 89 more episodes of ‘The Queen of Flow’, but is there a future beyond season 2?

The new installment of the successful Colombian telenovela is now available in full on the streaming platform in Spain.

It has been made to wait but the second season of The Queen the Flow is now available on Netflix. It was one of the most anticipated releases by fans of the popular Colombian soap opera and even more since its original network, Caracol Televisión, premiered it last spring with great success. Now, the streaming platform has released the second installment of the famous fiction starring Carolina Ramírez, María José Vargas and Carlos Torres in its entirety, so, if you are among those who were waiting for it, you will like to know that On Netflix there are no more and no less than 89 new episodes of 45 minutes each.

After wait for the broadcast of season 2 of The queen of flow ended up on its original chain for international distribution, the ‘streaming’ service of the big N has not walked with half measures and, as it did with the first installment, it has released it in full. Now it depends on your subscribers if they enjoy bingeing or over the next few months.

What to expect from the new episodes?

Unlike the first installment, season 2 of The Queen of Flow It starts from a quite different setting. Although when we met Yeimy Montoya, the young and talented singer was going through a tough stage in her life, his situation has changed in the new episodes. Nevertheless, That happy ending in which the protagonist managed to turn the page to enjoy her son and Juancho’s love will not last long.

Season 2 of ‘La Reina del Flow’ has a date on Netflix Spain: trailer, plot and other details of the expected premiere

Everything that happened in the first season has taken its toll on each of the characters, but when we return to the story, time will have passed, since the new installment begins with a time jump: Two years have passed since Yeimy completed his revenge and Charlie Flow was detained by the DEA, but although he is still serving a sentence, he is trying to get his freedom.

Thus, we can expect new problems for Yeimy, since the second installment also comes with “new dangers that threaten his life.” “An effervescent story, with a high dose of adrenaline, romance and musical flow, following the line that led its first season to become a worldwide milestone,” according to the official synopsis released by Caracol TV before its premiere.

Will there be season 3 of ‘La Reina del Flow’?

Still We have 89 new episodes ahead of us, but will they be enough to bring a 100% happy ending to Yeimy’s journey or will they lay the groundwork for further exploring a story? of ups and downs that seems to have no end?

‘The Queen of Flow 2’: Who is Yeimi Montoya in real life, protagonist of the Netflix series?

There is no official confirmation from Caracol TV, but It seems that the series comes to an end with the chapters that Netflix has just injected into its catalog. So at least the protagonist, Carolina Ramirez, assured last summer in response to a follower who asked her in a round of questions and answers on Twitter. According to the user, Friends had had 10 seasons and it seemed endless, and on Telemundo there were much longer series, but Rodriguez was blunt:

‘Friends’ is a comedy. This dramonon is unstoppable for the longest time. Yeimy ran out of 7 lives

Previously, the actress had already responded in a similar way to a similar question on TikTok. Joking that she was going to get old playing this character and with the fact that she was already being asked about the third installment when the second had just been released.

All 89 episodes of season 2 of The Queen of Flow are now available on Netflix.

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