Netflix Releases: All Movies Coming in January 2022

The Spanish horror film ‘El páramo’ and the science fiction film ‘Madre / Androide’ are two of the most outstanding novelties of this month.

After knowing the series that arrive on Netflix in January 2022, it is time to discover which movies the streaming service incorporates to its catalog. One of the new feature films is the Spanish El páramo, directed by David Casademunt, which was presented at the last Sitges Festival.

The science fiction film Mother / Android, starring Chloë Grace Moretz, is another of the outstanding novelties that the platform has prepared for this first month of the year. In addition, you can enjoy family comedy Play at home, with Kevin James and Taylor Lautner, as protagonists; and the ‘thriller’ Munich on the eve of a war.

Then you can check the movies that will be released on Netflix in January 2022.


The moor

The moor is Netflix’s new original Spanish horror film. After passing through the Sitges Festival 2021, the film directed by David Casademunt, and starring Inma Cuesta, hits the platform this month. The film introduces us to Lucía, a mother who lives with her son, far from society, in a house in the middle of a deserted area. His quiet life is threatened when a strange and terrible creature appears that will become his worst nightmare.

Premiere: January 6th

Mother / Android

Another novelty that Netflix has prepared for this is the science fiction ‘thriller’ Mother / Android. Starring Chloë Grace Moretz, Algee Smith and Raul Castillo, the film takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where a group of androids has started a war against humanity. In this scenario, young Georgia and her boyfriend, Sam, try to find a shelter so they can take care of the baby they are expecting. On their way, they must face a stronghold of androids that will not make things easy for them.

Premiere: January 7th

‘Without shyness’


Alyssa Milano and Sam Page are the protagonists of Without shyness, another of the new ‘thrillers’ that the streaming giant has added to its catalog. The plot follows Grace Miller, a mystery novelist who must contribute her experience to help in the search for her sister’s murderer.

Premiere: January 13th

‘Royal treatment’

Royal treatment It is the title of the romantic comedy that Netflix premieres this month. The film follows Izzy, a young hairdresser who decides to agree to work for the prince’s royal wedding. When they both meet, the spark arises between the two, making the heir doubt their marriage bond.

Premiere: January 20

‘Play at home’

Dramatic comedy Play at home comes to Netflix this month. Based on a true story, the movie starring Kevin James Y Taylor Lautner tells the story of Sean Payton, the coach of the New Orleans Saints. His career of successes in the Super Bowl is interrupted when he is suspended for a year, when he is accused of participating in a scheme that offered players compensation. monetary in exchange for injuring the players of the rival teams.

Premiere: January 28

Munich on the eve of a war

Based on Robert Harris’ best-seller, the film comes to Netflix Munich on the eve of a war. Directed by Christian Schwochow, the film takes us to Europe in 1938, with war about to break out. With Hitler prepared to invade Czechoslovakia, the Neville Chamberlain government seeks a peaceful solution. The British civil servant Hugh Legat, and the dilomatic German, Paul von Hartmann, travel to Munich to attend the emergency conference. An encounter where perhaps war could have been avoided, but at what cost.

Premiere: January 21st

Premiere: January 5

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Premiere: January 11

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Premiere: 12th of January

Premiere: January 13th

Premiere: January 14

Premiere: January 14


Premiere: January 1

Premiere: January 1

Premiere: January 1

Premiere: January 6th