Netflix Releases: This week a ‘thriller’ of conspiracies against the White House and a new Turkish series

‘The night agent’ and ‘Who are we running from, mom?’ They stand out among the novelties that you will be able to see on the platform.

Netflix / SensaCinema

A new week begins and, as usual, Netflix has prepared an interesting selection of news for you to enjoy. One of the most outstanding series that arrives these days on the platform is The Night Agent, a ‘thriller’ of those that hook you from the first minute.

If dramas are your thing, you can’t lose sight of Turkish fiction. Who are we running from, mom? And if you prefer documentary series, this week you will have the opportunity to see Waco: The Texas Apocalypse, to learn all the details of the confrontation between the leader of a sect and the FBI, for more than 50 days.

Below you can check the series and movies that premiere on Netflix from March 20 to 26.


the night agent

The Night Agent is the title of the new Netflix original ‘thriller’ series. Based on the homonymous novel by Matthew Quirk, the fiction stars Peter Sutherland, an FBI agent recently arrived at the White House. At first, his work seems the most monotonous. He only has to answer the calls that come in to a phone that doesn’t usually ring. Everything takes a turn when one night in one of those calls someone alerts him of a conspiracy against the oval office.

Premiere: 23 of March

Waco: The Texas Apocalypse

Another novelty that is added to the platform’s catalog is Waco: The Texas Apocalypse, a documentary miniseries, which narrates the confrontation between the FBI and the leader of a sect, David Koresh, for 51 days in the Texan town of Waco, in 1993.

Premiere: March 22

Who are we running from, mom?

The Netflix series catalog also receives this week the Turkish fiction Who are we running from, mom? The plot follows a mother who lives, as a fugitive, with her daughter. Her mysterious past, and the fear of being discovered by someone she fears, has not allowed her to have a fixed home. Until now her daughter had never asked anything, but when she enters adolescence she begins to question the reason why her mother runs away from her.

Premiere: March 24th

Premiere: March 20

Premiere: March 22

  • I’m Georgina (Reality) – season 2

Premiere: March 24th


  • Lauchhammer: Death in Lusatia

Premiere: March 22

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