Netflix: Series premieres from January 10 to 16

The supernatural ‘thriller’ ‘File 81’ and the third season of ‘After Life’ are some of the novelties that arrive on the platform this week.

If you have already seen Rebelde and the second installment of the Turkish fiction Club Istanbul, get ready because Netfllix arrives one more week with interesting news for series lovers. In the next few days, the streaming service will add to its catalog the supernatural thriller, File 81, the new original title of the platform that promises to make you your new obsession.

As if that were not enough, this week also premieres the third season of the comedy After Life and Belgian fiction, Operation Ecstasy.

Then you can check the series that premiere on Netflix from January 10 to 16.


Operation Ecstasy

Belgian fiction Operation Ecstasy returns to Netflix with its third season. The plot tells the story of agents Bob Lemmens and Jim de Rooij. Despite their differences, they must work side by side to try to dismantle a criminal drug trafficking organization, which operates on the border between Belgium and the Netherlands. A mission in which they had not counted on that they could have a mole infiltrated in the body.

Premiere: January 10

Stock 81

File 81 is one of the novelties that Netflix releases this week. Produced by James Wan, the supernatural ‘thriller’ created by Rebecca Sonnenshine follows Dan Turner, an archivist who must restore a collection of videotapes from the mid-1990s belonging to documentary filmmaker Melody Pendras. As his work progresses, he begins to discover mysterious details of the plot that Pendras was investigating, related to a sect. This raises a strange connection between the two, which Turner had not counted on.

Premiere: January 14

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After Life

Another series that returns to the platform is the dramatic comedy After Life, third season. Starring Ricky Gervais, the fiction follows Tony, a man whose perfect life falls apart after the sudden death of his wife. Downcast and unwilling to do anything, he changes his personality, saying and doing what he wants at all times, without stopping to think if he can upset or hurt the feelings of those around him. A new attitude that his friends will try to stop to recover the cheerful and funny Tony that he always was.

Premiere: January 14

‘The journalist’

The Japanese ‘thriller’ The journalist is another of the new titles that you can find in the platform’s extensive catalog, starting this week. The fiction follows a committed journalist willing to uncover a government-related corruption scandal. This investigation will soon make her a target to be eliminated by a series of dangerous enemies.

Premiere: January 13th

Premiere: January 14

Premiere: January 14

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