Netflix: Series premieres from January 3 to 9


Netflix begins the year with new proposals for the most series fans. One of them is Rebelde, the new version of the youth soap opera from the early 2000s, which arrives ready to conquer the younger audience. These days, the return of Club Istanbul, the Turkish drama, which premieres its second season, is also scheduled.

Then you can check the series that premiere on Netflix from January 3 to 9.


‘Troop action’

For the little ones in the house, Netflix premieres the animated series Troop action. In it, a group of little heroes use their wits, their hearts and their powers to fight against the villains. Some villains who sometimes get a smile.

Premiere: January 4th

Netflix premieres: All series arriving in January 2022


Almost two decades later, the guys from Rebelde are back in action. Netflix premieres this week the new version of the youth soap opera from the early 2000s, which will introduce us to the new generation of EWS students. These are the initials of the prestigious boarding school where a group of teenagers who dream of becoming music stars study. A dream for which they will have to fight every day with hard training sessions, to be able to rise as champions in the battle of the bands, a musical contest that can be their access door to fame. However, his efforts will be called into question when a secret society appears on the scene that wants to prevent his dreams.

Premiere: January 5

Netflix premieres: All series arriving in January 2022

Club Istanbul

Club Istanbul returns to Netflix with its second season. The new episodes of Turkish fiction follow the story of Mathilda, a woman who, trying to rebuild her life after getting out of prison, starts working in a nightclub. Every night she tries to fulfill her boss’s demands, as she begins to find a way to get closer to her 17-year-old daughter, who was turned over to an orphanage when she was incarcerated.

Premiere: January 6th

Premiere: January 7th

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