Netflix: Series premieres from November 15 to 21

‘Cowboy Bebop’, ‘Rumbo al infierno’ and the second of ‘La reina del flow’ are some of the titles that you will be able to see on the platform.

Netflix is ​​still willing to offer you the best series content, and as usual, one more week arrives loaded with interesting news and the most anticipated returns. One of them, La Reina del Flow, which opens its second season. Its new original series include the Korean Road to Hell and Cowboy Bebop, a live action version of the hit anime of the same name.

This week you will also be able to see the second season of the Tiger King docuseries, and the Christmas fiction, Christmas Flow.

Then you can check all series that premiere on Netflix from November 15 to 21.


The queen of flow

This week The Queen of Flow returns to the platform, with its long-awaited second season. In this new installment, which begins two years after the events that ended the first, Charlie Flow continues to serve a prison sentence, while continuing to plot his revenge against Yeimy. She, for her part, must face new dangers and an old acquaintance from her past who returns to her life.

Premiere: November 17

Christmas flow

For those who already think about Christmas, Netflix premieres the Christmas series Flow. The fiction stars a rap singer and a journalist who start a romantic relationship, knowing that they do not have much in common.

Premiere: November 17

Tiger King

This week the documentary series also returns to the platform Tiger King, with its second season. In the five new episodes, all the details surrounding the fight between Joe Exotic, owner of an exotic animal zoo, and Carole Baskin, an animal rights activist determined to end Joe’s business, will continue to be revealed.

Premiere: November 17

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Cowboy Bebop

This week has also been chosen by the streaming giant to premiere one of its most anticipated original fictions, Cowboy Bebop. Inspired by the anime of the same name by Shinichiro Watanabe, the story stars Spike Spiegel, Jet Black, Faye Valentine and Ed, a group of bounty hunters trying to escape their past. In that escape, they will have no choice but to stop the feet of a series of criminals who are dedicated to doing evil for the Solar System.

Premiere: November 19th

Heading to hell

After the success of The Squid Game, Netflix premieres this week its new Korean series, Heading to Hell. The film takes place in a hypothetical world where a series of supernatural creatures come to Earth to take some chosen ones. In this framework, a religion arises that considers that these beings are angels who come to take away those whose destiny is hell.

Premiere: November 19th

The mind, in a nutshell

Another documentary that is back this week is The Mind, in a nutshell, with its second season. In the new batch of episodes, we continue to investigate the exciting world of the brain to learn how it works in dreams and in psychological disorders, such as anxiety.

Premiere: November 19th

  • Storybots: Laugh, Learn, Sing

Premiere: Nov. 16

  • Cut along the dotted line

Premiere: November 17

Premiere: November 18th

  • Blown Away: Navidades (Season 1)

Premiere: November 19th

  • A new world (Reality TV)

Premiere: November 20

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This week the Spanish thriller Mentiras is also added to the platform’s catalog. Ángela Cremonte, Javier Rey and Manuela Velasco head the main cast of the series. The story follows Laura, a teacher at a high school in Palma de Mallorca, who shortly after divorcing decides to turn the page and goes out with Xavier, the father of one of her students. The next morning she wakes up in her bed and doesn’t remember anything about what happened, but she soon begins to suspect that Xavier drugged her and raped her. Soon he goes to the police to report the facts, but comes face to face with reality when he discovers how the system works. Far from sinking, he decides to confront Xavier using his methods.

Premiere: November 15

Premiere: November 15

  • Kuro no Basket: Last Game

Premiere: November 15

Premiere: November 15

Premiere: November 17