Netflix: Series premieres from October 11 to 17

The third of ‘You’ and the Korean ‘thriller’ ‘My Name’ are the highlights of this week.

We are entering the equator of October and what better way than to do it with Netflix. This week, the streaming service brings back one of its most popular series, You, which premieres its long-awaited third season. In addition, you will also be able to see the second installment of the science fiction drama Another Life.

As for the novelties, the Korean My name and the youth drama Misfit: The series stand out.

Then you can check all series premiering on Netflix October 11-17.



One of Netflix’s hit series returns to the platform this week with its third season. We refer to You, the fiction starring Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti. In the new batch of episodes, the couple formed by Joe and Love begin their new life far from the big city, to move to a suburban neighborhood. A place where they will premiere with little Henry’s parents. Joe seems to be excited about the idea of ​​being a father, but he doesn’t trust Love too much, and fears that he might do something to the baby. Plus, it doesn’t take long for Joe to notice one of his new neighbors, while Love tries to fit in with the neighborhood mommy’s group.

Premiere: October 14th

My name

One of the novelties that is incorporated into the Netflix series catalog is the Korean My name. The ‘thriller’ tells the story of Yoo Ji-Woo, a young woman who, after witnessing the murder of her father, decides to take revenge on those responsible. To do this, he joins a dangerous criminal organization in order to infiltrate the police and thus hunt down his father’s murderer.

Premiere: October 15th

Netflix: All series premiered in October 2021

Other life

The science fiction series Another Life is also back with its second season. Starring Katee Sackhoff, the plot revolves around an astronaut determined to discover the origin of a strange artifact that could contain valuable information about an extraterrestrial race.

Premiere: October 15th

Misfit: The series

Misfit: The series is the title of the new original comedy that you will be able to see on Netflix starting this week. Although the new course begins as a great challenge for the Misfit, the arrival at the institute of the new director upsets all their plans. Their desire to ban all kinds of musical events, leaves on the air the concert they had planned to consolidate as a group.

Premiere: October 16

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Premiere: October 12 °

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Premiere: October 11th

Premiere: October 15th