Netflix: Series premieres from October 18 to 24

The second season of ‘Locke & Key’, animated comedy for adults ‘Animaladas’ and the North American version of ‘The Office’ are several of the novelties that are incorporated into the platform’s catalog.

One more week, Netflix is ​​ready to offer you the best entertainment content. For lovers of the series, these next few days, the fiction inspired by the graphic novels of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez returns to the Locke & Key platform. The ‘remake’ of Dinastía also returns, with its fourth batch of episodes.

In addition, the streaming giant offers you titles such as Animaladas, its new animated comedy for adults; the anime Komi-san cannot communicate; the docuserie The Raincoat Killer: Hunting a Predator in Korea, and the children’s series Maya and the Three.

Then you can check all series that premiere on Netflix from October 18 to 24.


Komi-san can’t communicate

Komi-san can’t communicate is the title of the new anime coming to Netflix this week. The story follows Shouko Komi, a young woman who has just entered the prestigious Itan Private institute, where she immediately begins to stand out for her beauty. Despite this, one of her new companions, Hitohito Tadano, soon discovers the difficulties that Shouko has in communicating with those around him, and sets out to help her overcome this problem.

Premiere: October 21

Locke & Key

The wait is over, and Locke & Key finally returns to Netflix, with its second season. In this new batch of episodes, the Locke brothers continue to investigate their father’s past, to try to discover the motive for his murder. Despite believing that they had got rid of the demon Dodge that terrorized them in the first installment, they will soon realize that his appearance has changed and that his intention is to continue creating magic keys to do evil.

Premiere: October 22


Another fiction that returns to the platform is Dinastía, which opens its fourth season. Again, disputes and betrayals continue between two of America’s most powerful families, the Carringtons and the Colbys. Some confrontations that will even reach the bosom of each one of them, where there will be no distinction between parents and children when it comes to putting things on the table.

Premiere: October 22

The Raincoat Killer: Hunting a Predator in Korea

Netflix premieres this week one of its new original documentaries, The Raincoat Killer: Hunting a Predator in Korea. The docuseries chronicles the case of Yoo Young-Chul, a ruthless murderer from South Korea, who killed nearly twenty people. Among his victims were several elderly men, massage therapists and sex workers.

Premiere: October 22


Animaladas is the title of the new animated series for adults that Netflix adds to its catalog. Inspired by the life of the actor and comedian, Bradley Trevor Greive, the fiction narrates the adventures that a zoologist undertakes, together with his niece and his inexperienced assistant. The three of them travel through different parts of the world with the mission of saving any wild animal in danger that they find on their way.

Premiere: October 22

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Maya and the three

Maya y los tres is the new animated series for the little ones in the house. With the voices of Zoe Saldana, Gabriel Iglesias and Diego Luna, the story follows a princess whose mission is to prevent men and gods from ending her world. To do this, you must find the whereabouts of three warriors, who must help you on your mission.

Premiere: October 22

Premiere: October 19

  • Sex, love & goop (Reality)

Premiere: October 21

Premiere: October 21

  • Life is an anomaly, with Julien Bam

Premiere: October 21

  • Tut Tut Cory Cars (sixth season)

Premiere: October 21

  • The king’s affection (New episodes)

Premiere: October 22

Beyond Sadness: The Series

Premiere: October 22

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The Office

Starting this week, the Netflix catalog welcomes one of the most popular sitcoms of recent years, The Office. Steve Carell is the protagonist of the North American version of the British series of Ricky Gervais. Filmed as a mockumentary, the fiction tells what day-to-day life is like at the paper supply company, Dunder Mifflin. Between those four walls, all kinds of hilarious situations arise, some of them starring the head of the office, Michael Scott.

Premiere: October 23