Netflix: Series premieres from October 4 to 10

The fourth of ‘On My Block’, ‘La Venganza de las Juanas’ and’ Mr. Robot ‘stand out among the novelties of this week.

These first days of October, in which the heat begins to dissipate, are ideal to stay at home enjoying your favorite series or that new fiction that has everything to conquer you. Netflix makes it easy for you and, like every week, continues to increase the number of titles available in its catalog.

Over the next seven days, series like On My Block, Family Business and De yakuza a amo de casa return to the streaming giant; and news like Much more than ready, The revenge of the Juanas and Love is like the cha-cha.

Then you can check all series that premiere on Netflix from October 4 to 10.


On My Block

On My Block returns to Netflix to say goodbye forever with its fourth season. Ruby, Monse, Jasmine and Jamal continue to try to adjust to their new lives, while remaining ready to fulfill all those dreams they had for their future.

Premiere: 4th of October

Revenge of the Juanas

One of the new fictions released by the streaming giant this week is the Mexican drama La Venganza de las Juanas. The plot follows five women named Juana, who as they get to know each other discovers that they have more in common than they ever imagined. Together they try to investigate that past that their mothers seem to have hidden from them until now.

Premiere: October 6

Sport and foul play

In the documentary section, this week Netflix premieres Sport and dirty play. A feature film in which some of the most media scandals and corruption cases in the world of sport are narrated.

Premiere: October 6

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‘Much more than ready’

Much more than ready is the new original comedy that is added to the platform’s catalog this week. Chelsea is a young intellectual, who dreams of being a writer. Overnight, she is forced to abandon her life at Harvard, to move into the home of her crazy sister, Claire. Little by little he will have to adapt to the ways of Claire and her roommates, and put aside his stricter customs.

Premiere: October 8th

‘A Blood Red Smile: Tales of the Brothers Grimm’

For the little ones in the house, the animation series will be released in the coming days A Blood Red Smile: Tales of the Brothers Grimm. The fiction has the famous Hansel and Gretel as protagonists of a very different story. In this adventure, the brothers enter an unknown and quite sinister world.

Premiere: October 8th

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Family Business

Family Business also returns to the platform with its third season. In the new batch of episodes, the Hazan family remains immersed in their fruitful, but complex, business of selling marijuana. A new way of life that they launched when they began to see that their kosher carnage only generated losses.

Premiere: October 8th

Love is like the cha-cha

Love is like cha-cha is the title of the Korean romantic drama that hits the platform this week. The story follows Yoon Hye-Jin, a dentist who decides to change her life and move to a small coastal town. There he meets Hong Du-Sik, a very unique young man, who is always ready to help others when they need it. They both begin to know each other and a beautiful friendship arises between them that will change them forever.

Premiere: October 9

  • Escape from the Undertaker (Reality)

Premiere: October 5th

Premiere: October 6

  • Love is Blind: Brasil (Reality)

Premiere: October 6

Premiere: October 7

  • The code that was worth millions (First season)

Premiere: October 7

  • The House of Secrets: Death in Burari (Docuserie)

Premiere: October 8th

  • Blue Period (New episodes)

Premiere: October 9


Mr. Robot

The Netflix catalog continues to grow, and this week the successful series Mr. Robot joins it. Rami Malek plays Elliot, a young computer programmer with trouble relating to those around him. While in the morning he works in a large company as a cybersecurity technician, at night he tries to uncover all kinds of illegal practices that are carried out through the network. His quiet life is complicated when he discovers that the company where he works could be involved in a terrible conspiracy.

Premiere: October 7