Netflix’s animated series prepares more chapters with a premiere window

Sonic keeps running beyond the video game. His adventures have taken him to the small and big screen with examples such as sonic primethe Netflix animated series released last december that shows us the blue hedgehog and his friends on crazy adventures. Well, it seems that the SEGA mascot still has energy for a while, since those responsible for the production prepare more chapters sometime in the next few months.

This is how we know thanks to the official Sonic the Hedgehog account on Twitter, where it is revealed that the series will expand a little more with new adventures. “Get ready to plunge into more Sonic Prime, closing in on later this year!”. In this way, we can expect Netflix to close 2023 with new chapters for animation, among other things not related to video games.

Taking into account that the statement from Sonic’s account is very brief, we do not know if those responsible are planning the premiere of a complete season or a few individual chapters. At the moment, we have no choice but to wait for this information to be further detailed through the official channels of SEGA and the blue hedgehog.

More Sonic adventures outside of the video game

Sonic Prime is just one of the many projects that show that Sonic can take his speed beyond video games, so it’s important to remember that the character can also has been successful in the cinema with two movies. The second of them Sonic: The Movie 2has reaped good numbers at the box officeand its producers feel confident enough to continue the adventures of the hedgehog on the big screen with a third installment that already has a release date.