Netflix’s baffling ‘true crime’ that just broke a record and deserves our full attention

‘The Murdaughs: Death and Scandal in South Carolina’ takes just 2 hours and a half and has captivated Netflix subscribers around the world to the point of breaking a viewing record.

It has gone quite unnoticed at its premiere on the streaming platform, but the premiere of the documentary series The Murdaughs: Death and scandal in South Carolina on Netflix has literally taken the other side of the Atlantic by storm. The case that occupies the docuseries ‘true crime’ It is popular enough on the other side of the pond that millions of subscribers have quickly turned to the new Netflix title, passionate about the Unheard of story of a powerful American family that hid many secrets and was mysteriously related to not one, but several fatalities. Some of it is really strange circumstances.

Such has been the deployment with the new docuseries of the streaming platform that the title is already one of the most viewed globally today. With more than 40 million hours watched in just one weekranks second in the Netflix ranking, only behind season 3 of the hit youth series Outer Banks.

Besides, The Murdaughs: Death and scandal in South Carolina He has just pulverized a record: the best premiere of a documentary series.

But what is the story about? The three episodes of The Murdaughs: Death and scandal in South Carolina count in just two and a half hours long how a powerful and wealthy South Carolina family is closely linked to several fatality cases, including the murder of a young woman in an alleged boating accident, Mallory Beach.

The tragic death of the young woman works as the starting point of the storybut little by little, without revealing too much, we can tell you that the relationship of the accident with the Murdaugh family is just one of many. The patriarch, Alex Murdaugh, is a well-loved and influential lawyer in the area, but he also hides financial problems and the most dangerous thing: he believes that both he and his family are above the law. In fact, they were for a long time.

The story of Netflix’s new ‘true crime’ it’s quite disconcerting as it unfolds, although you have to admit that in its final stretch everything becomes quite clear. However, although neither the story in question nor the format are particularly exceptional, there is a real fact that justifies its success in America: The trial of one of the Murdaugh family members began at the end of last January in the US and ended last Friday with a sentence: life imprisonment.

It is worth keeping the name of this member and the crimes he committed secret, since everything is recounted in the Netflix documentary, but we can share the shocking final sentence with which the series ends: “Has Netflix gotten anything out of all this?”

The series has not created much of a stir in our country, where it has not managed to sneak into the most popular, but it is only necessary to take a quick tour of Twitter to realize that lovers of the genre agree: the story of the Mardaughs, especially for a public that does not know the case, is shocking and The way in which Netflix tells it in just two and a half hours is so addictive that it captivates until the end.

If you are a fan of true crime, The Murdaughs is for you.