Netflix’s bloodiest cancellation in 2022 is not ‘1899’, but its fans are willing to save the series

The platform has made some surprising decisions in recent months that have put it under the spotlight. What leads the streaming service to get rid of some of its most viewed and valued series?

The last months of 2022 were precisely bad for Netflix despite the fact that they started the year facing the worst known crisis. For the first time since its existence, the ‘streaming’ platform acknowledged the loss of subscribers, predicted even more worrying numbers in the coming months and announced the first measures it would take to redirect the course: the introduction of advertising and the end of the practice to share accounts. Nevertheless, the queen of SVOD ended the year again with positive dataor, with big plans on the horizon and with the good taste in our mouths of having hosted some of the seriéphile phenomena that marked 2022, such as the fourth season of stranger things or the already adored Wednesday.

However, hehe last few months have also put Netflix under the spotlight for its unexpected decisions regarding some of its series. While 2022 has left us with some cancellations that already seemed to predict their discreet ‘performance’, such as resident Evil or even the midnight club by Mike Flanagan, the last few months have gone to the hole and quite unexpectedly some productions that we would never have thought would end up having that future.

Netflix is ​​crowned as the streaming platform that has canceled the most series in 2022 with a total of 18

The most popular recent example and that ended up putting Netflix on target was that of 1899the new series from the creators of Dark which started out as one of the most anticipated releases and quickly slipped into the top of the most popular. Likewise, the fiction of Baran Bo Odar and Jantje Friese was the subject of quite unanimous good reviews and gave rise to debate and endless theories online. The scene surrounding 1899starting with the final ‘cliffhanger’, it seemed to smell like renovation, but a few weeks ago, As soon as it started in 2023, Netflix surprised with its cancellation.

However, maybe the most bloody Netflix cancellation in recent months not be that, but the one of the warrior nuna fantasy series which in 2020 was the subject of enormous attention. Then we were facing the most homely summer of our lives, with the Covid-19 in full swing, and this story of a young atheist able to come back to life thanks to a divine artifact that had also given her extraordinary powers quickly caught the attention of subscribers. from the platform. Two years later, without the platform making too much publicity, by the way, the warrior nun premiered its season 2 in the catalog. A second installment that quickly found its place in the tops of the platform around the world and that fulfilled its broadcast to offer answers.

The second season of the warrior nunin fact has a score of 100% on the review portal of Rotten Tomatoes, so when Netflix announced in December that it had blown it despite its triumphant return The news was not well received either.

Now, her fans are willing to save her.

According to publish ScreenRant According to a post on Twitter, the fans of The Warrior NunThey have placed nothing less than a huge billboard outside the Netflix headquarters to try to save the series that they love so much. It may not have been the most watched series on the platform, but it certainly had managed to become a cult title with a most dedicated fan base. Even in favor of putting their own money.

On the billboard located at the gates of the Netflix headquarters, “#SaveWarriorNun” can be read in large letters and, below, who has paid for such a display – the fans and the young woman who signs the tweet – and a contact email. The billboard is located in front of the Netflix building at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and North Van Ness Avenue in Los Angeles, and will remain there for four weeks. A movement that goes far beyond starting an online petition, a measure that has also been implemented.

The tweet with the image has more than a million views and has even caught the attention of some team members, such as screenwriter David Hayter, who wanted to be photographed with it.