New PS5 update with Discord and other long-awaited improvements: Top 12 PlayStation firmware highlights – PlayStation 5

Sony has launched today a new software update in playstation 5the version 23.01-07.00.00which includes as most outstanding novelties discord voice chatTRV support for 1440p, new user experience, social, accessibility features, and much more.

These improvements were advanced a few weeks ago, when the release of a firmware revision of the console in beta phase including the full integration of Discord became known, one of the greatest demands from users. The service app was already integrated into PlayStation, but did not allow players to join a voice chat directly from the console.

The other great addition of this occasion is the variable refresh rate support for 1440pwhich ensures the gamer can enjoy smoother visual performance when using an HDMI 2.1 compliant display. Variable Refresh Rates (or VRR). There have also been several changes to the PS5’s 1440p output test parameters, making 1440p support possible for a wider selection of HDMI displays.

Sony PlayStation 5, CFI-1216A, 825GB SSD, Disc Edition, White + God of War Ragnarok Voucher

Sony PlayStation 5, CFI-1216A, 825GB SSD, Disc Edition, White + God of War Ragnarok Voucher

Next, we leave you with the full update notes provided by PlayStation through a section on its official website. From this news we offer you a summary provided by Sony in a statement:

Main features of this system software update

  • Discord voice chat from PS5: “Players can now join Discord voice chats and chat with friends on most gaming platforms by linking Discord and PlayStation Network accounts from PS5, or the Discord app on Windows , Mac or mobile”.
Discord PS5

  • Initiate or request Screen Sharing from friend’s profile: “It’s now much easier to share screen or request to do so. Just select the icon Share Screen on the profile of the friend in question.”
  • New “join game” icon in party chats: “A ‘Can Join’ icon will be displayed on the voice chat card for party members who are in a match that the player can join.”
  • New “Playing Friends” tile: “In game hubs, players can now see which friends have the game they’re playing, and who’s playing it right now. You can also see what your friends are up to on the tile and access their profiles” .
friends who play

  • Manually upload gameplay captures to PlayStation App: “Screenshots or gameplay videos can now be selected and uploaded individually to the PS App from the PS5.”

New gameplay and customization features

  • Variable refresh rate support for 1440p: “Smoother visual performance can now be enjoyed using a TRV-compliant HDMI 2.1 display at 1440p resolution when playing a TRV-compliant title. Results may vary depending on the game being played” .
  • Game Library Improvements: “You can now sort and filter games when adding titles to a game list and use filters in the Library to quickly find PS VR 2 titles and more.”
PS5 Library

  • Preset game settings for multiplayer session preferences: “Preferences can now be set to manage who can join and who can invite other players to the multiplayer session.”

New accessibility features

  • Migrating save data from PS4 to PS5:” PS5 makes it easier to access PS4 save data.”
  • PS5 to PS5 data transfer: “You can now easily transfer PS5 console data such as game saves, data, user settings, screenshots or videos to another PS5 console via Wi-Fi or LAN cable.”
PS5 Transfer

  • Screen reader improvements: “The screen reader now provides more detailed information when the player scrolls through the console.”
  • Wireless update of the DualSense controller: “You can now update the DualSense wireless controller software with a wireless connection.”

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