New Sons of the Forest gameplay gears you up for survival with a helpful new ally – Sons of the Forest

There is just over a month left for lovers of survival video games to enjoy Sons of the Forest. The game should have arrived several months ago, but Endnight Games The same thing has happened to dozens of studies: delays and more delays. at least this gameplay excites and prepares us in order to learn to survive.

The middle IGN has exclusively released a gameplay of this title showing in more than 8 minutes some hitherto unknown aspects. The most striking thing is that you will have a partner that will accompany you in survival. You will be able to give it orders and assign various somewhat routine tasks, although surely it will not be the only companion you will have. Also, if you want, you can get rid of him or treat him badly so that his productivity decreases.

you should be able recruit virginia throughout your adventure, but you will have to convince her since at first she will run away from you. The AI ​​has improved quite a bit, to the point where enemies change clothes or comfort each other, as Gamingbolt points out. Furthermore, it is possible that tribes and mutants start their own wars personal. The construction has been renewed and improved, since its essence is still intact with respect to the previous title.

More options than ever

If one of the reasons Sons of the Fores has been delayed is to include many more options. All this will provide a more than terrifying experience, especially in the caves because they will continue to be deep and comforting with the objects that we find when exploring them. Enemies are now more fearsome because they have mutated more.

We will can arm ourselves with firearms and bladed weapons thanks to new ways of manufacturing and others that we already know from the first part. The main attraction will once again be the freedom to explore the world. Among all this, a key aspect will be seasons Because in winter it will be essential to store food and resources, while in summer or spring it will be easier to find useful fauna and flora.