Niaux. The Unisson choir celebrates its fifteenth anniversary

The general assembly of the Unisson association was held on September 21 in the multipurpose municipal hall of Niaux. During the meeting, the main lines for the 2021-2022 artistic season were discussed. In the immediate future, carols for the Advent and Christmas season. The musical season has already started with weekly rehearsals. They take place in the room of the castle of Niaux, provided by the municipality.

Faithful to Niaux for 15 years

The headquarters of the association is located in Niaux where, by agreement, the municipality had granted a room for the operation of the music school, created on September 27, 2006 by Jeanine Prosper. A new department then moved to Auzat, which only reserves a few slots for the functioning of the Unisson association.

Within a few days, the association therefore met for the fifteenth anniversary of its creation. A moving moment for Jeanine Prosper, its dynamic founder, who always devotes herself, as volunteer choirmaster, to the smooth running of the many annual rehearsals.

The musical summer 2021 was of course mentioned. First, there was the brilliant participation of Unison in the “Prestige” concert by Marion Labègue in the Sainte-Quitterie church, in Tarascon; the traditional annual internship organized in Norgeat, Miglos; finally, the superb performance of the group on the occasion of the pilgrimage of Notre-Dame de Sabart, to Tarascon. High-level musical appointments which happily enameled this recovery so awaited by all.

The choir is recruiting

Faced with the success met with each performance, in order to increase its ranks, the formation envisages the recruitment of female and male choristers. To this end, a preliminary hearing will be held in a small committee in the hall of the castle, under the leadership of Jeanine Prosper.

For scheduling reasons, this casting will take place very soon.