Nicolas Cage owes the biggest role of his life to the worst movie of his career

The popular actor won his first and only Oscar for ‘Leaving Las Vegas’, but the reason he joined the project was because he needed to make up for his previous experience.

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For some he is a true God and the truth is that Nicolas Cage has given us great performances and mythical films throughout his more than 40 years of career. Moving like a fish in water in the industry, Cage’s career brings together dozens of ‘blockbusters’ but also a long list of independent projects and less conventional feature filmsalthough it is not without attention, and especially in the current scenario, that it has never been linked to a television series.

From the most recent The unbearable weight of a huge talent either Pig to some of his early hits like the valley girl (1983), arizona baby (1987) or Moon spell (1987), the most acclaimed films of Cage’s career can no longer be counted on the fingers of two hands: Wild Heart (1990), The rock (nineteen ninety six), Con Air (Convicts in the air) (1997), Face to face (1997), The search (2004), Mandy (2018)…

Nevertheless, there is a film that is especially important in his career since, in addition to having earned his status as cult film and to occupy the first positions of any ranking dedicated to Nicolas Cage, he owes her his first and only Oscar: leaving las vegasby Mike Figgis, a dark drama in which the interpreter embodied an alcoholic immersed in self-destruction who moved to Las Vegas to drink until the end of his days and along the way fell in love to the marrow with a prostitute whom he embodied Elizabeth Shue.

The film, based on an autobiographical novel by John O’Brien and released in 1995, featured on a limited budget and shot in less than a month, but it did well at the box office and was a huge critical hit. Likewise, the film was nominated for four Oscars by the Hollywood Academy, and Cage won Best Actor over veterans Anthony Hopkins for Nixon and Sean Penn for Death penalty.

There is no doubt that leaving las vegas It’s a really important movie in Cage’s career, so It is quite curious that the actor recognized that the main reason he agreed to join her was that he needed to redeem himself from his previous job. The interpreter came from a forgettable experience in the film trapped in paradise (1994) and stated that he needed to “get out of the sun” and do a serious project after that.

trapped in paradise It is indeed, the worst movie of his career. A low-budget Christmas comedy that didn’t even manage to raise what it barely invested, which barely has a 5% approval rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes and to which comments were made that it was full of talent but that there simply wasn’t anyone. I saw her.