Nightmare in the kitchen: Philippe Etchebest discovers 400 frozen lobsters in a restaurant near Toulouse

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Friday evening was broadcast the flagship program of Philippe Etchebest on M6, “Cauchemar en cuisine”. A la carte, this time a restaurant in the Toulouse area which has cooled the chef and internet users …

Philippe Etchebest has seen all the colors since 2010 in the Cauchemar en cuisine program, which helps restaurateurs in difficulty.

Friday evening, in the M6 ​​show, the chef went to a restaurant in Haute-Garonne specializing in seafood and fish for 11 years. Restaurant owner Joël and his wife try to save their business despite the 72-year-old man’s health problems. The former rugby player is exhausted in the task while customers are becoming increasingly rare. The chef, assisted by Josie, 64, a waitress in the restaurant for 4 years, cannot even pay himself a salary.

“I have never seen so many lobsters in my life”

When Philippe Etchebest arrives, the chef discovers a menu featuring no less than 13 different fish … All fresh? Not really. He noticed freezers full of fish and seafood, one of which contained 400 lobsters.

“This is Ali Baba’s cave. I have never seen so many lobsters in my life and in a freezer.”

400 frozen lobsters ... the chef is shocked.

400 frozen lobsters … the chef is shocked.

If the Internet users who watched the unpublished episode of Nightmare in the kitchen were touched by this man, they also found the situation funny and hastened to shoot the scene with humor.

Despite his good will, Joël’s injury forced Philippe Etchebest to stop serving

In addition, something new in the show, Philippe Etchebest was forced to stop the service because of an injury to Joël. “I can see that he is in pain because his face has changed, I can see that he has significant pain so I am a little afraid,” said his wife, before continuing: “It’s like that all the time. Joël reacts like that. When he hurts himself, he continues to go looking for his fish “. Philippe Etchebest then takes the heavy decision to stop the service. “We’re going to stop there,” he said.

We hope that the restaurateur’s health improves and that the chef’s advice will help revive the activity of this establishment.