No matter the controversy over the Esland, or the fight between Ibai and Auronplay, the only winner of all this has been The Grefg

Although the gala was three days ago and it seemed that things were not going to get any further, the ESLANDS They have not stopped receiving controversies since its conclusion.

Despite the fact that different topics have been discussed, such as the dubious voting system or the performances of the event, what really heated the atmosphere came yesterday with a direct confrontation between Auronplay and Ibai for the Streamer of the Year award.

Both content creators turned on direct to launch bids to see who was the best streamer, dropping quite a few toxic comments between them and creating a gigantic malaise between the two fandoms.

It was Auronplay who started the fight through a direct on Twitch, commenting that “up to 20 streamers spoke to me privately surprised by the result” or that “the voting system was unfair.

For his part, Ibai was surprised by these statements, saying that he was accused of winning the Esland awards for cronyism within the industry: “You come to my house to eat and then you want me to invite you to an event while You say on Twitter that it was a robbery

yes it looks like one fight that only small children can havebut the reality is that there are many young people who watch Twitch and the parasocial relationship between them and the content creator causes this type of scuffle without any sense.

Although there have been many affected by these controversies, the only person who has been able to take advantage of this whole situation (removing the salseo channels that will make gold by profiting from other content, but that is another topic), that has been TheGrefg. Because as IlloJuan said at the time: TheGrefg always wins.

The host of The Esland only had to put a percentage so that everyone talked about the gala more than it should, causing a open war between communities and where he just sits, grabs his popcorn, and enjoys the chaos as the Joker seeing the consequences of his actions at the end of the movie.

No matter how it is or when it is, if the Eslands are talked about for a long period of time, the Murcian is happy because he knows that they will indirectly talk about him. Over the next few days we will see more streamers joining the controversy defending one side or another, we are sure of that, but regardless of the outcome or consequences, TheGrefg always wins. James McGill would be proud.