“No one has said anything about the PC release. Don’t worry, buy a PS5!”, the producer of Final Fantasy 16 casts doubts on its exclusivity – Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy 16 has started the year just as it ended in 2022: provoking an immense desire in the player so that it reaches the market as soon as possible. We recently received new details of its dark plot with new elements of the most gloomy. At least, today the information does not revolve around the title but about its exclusivity with PS5.

Until now we knew that FF XVI was going to be around 2023 on the PlayStation console, at least. However, recent statements by Naoki Yoshida, the game’s producer, sow more doubts than certainties about his arrival on PC. In an interview on Nico Video, Yoshida has hinted that the port to PC could arrive later than we thought, or not at all, although the tone in which you say it perhaps it confuses more than it clarifies.

no one has said a word about the release of a PC version. Why does it seem that the version for pc Will it come out 6 months later? Don’t worry about that, buy yourself a PS5! (Serie) I’m sorry, I’ve passed. We have done the best we could, so look forward to it”, says Yoshida, whose statements have been translated by the Twitter user Genki_JPN.


Many things can be interpreted from these statements, but the producer seems to intend give it more priority to the PS5 version. However, the port to PC should arrive sooner or later. from a business point of viewalthough it indicates that it will come a little later than January 1, 2024.

The September 2020 announcement indicated that the exclusivity was of six months, but our colleagues at 3DJuegos PC have noticed an important detail. The first trailer for the game indicated that the title would come to PS5 and PC, but said trailer was removed and PlayStation released another one that changed that information stating that the game It would only come out on PS5. In any case, the most recent trailer (you have it above) indicates at the end that the video game “will not be available on other platforms until 12/31/2023”.

Other important aspects of PS5


Recently, they also reported a very important element: its duration. His producer made it all quite clear, since he estimates that the main story will last between 30 and 40 hours, but it will be 70 if you complete the content secondary. All this is very important, but what has also brought more mysticism around the franchise is that 2023 will bring us a very important announcement about the saga.