“No, please”: Disney announces ‘Toy Story 5,’ but fans aren’t too happy (and it’s not the only sequel in development)

The study has also confirmed that they are developing ‘Frozen 3’ and ‘Zootropolis 2’.

the toys of pixar they still have another adventure ahead. Disney has announced that they are developing toy story 5the fifth installment of the saga starring Woody, buzz lightyear and the rest of the famous gang.

The announcement was made by CEO Mickey Mouse House Bob Iger and this isn’t the only sequel the company is working on. They have also confirmed Frozen 3 and zootropolis 2.

I’m pleased to announce that we have sequels in development from our animation studios for some of our most popular franchises: toy story, Frozen the ice kingdom and zootropolis”, Iger has recounted, according to what he collects Collider. “We’ll have more to share about these productions soon, but this is a great example of how we’re leaning on our brands and franchises.”

Although the announcement seemed destined for the fans of these sagas to be happy with the news, the truth is that the reaction on social networks has been quite the opposite.

“Leave my childhood alone”shares a user on Twitter.

Another has expressed his wish that instead of continuing a story with sequels, original ideas be sought: “As someone who absolutely loves toy story and grew up with it… Can Hollywood please come up with new ideas and new movies? Thank you”.

The third movie was the perfect endingWhy do you have to keep squeezing this?” asks another.

“I’m sorry, but anything after toy Story 3 It is basically, a long post-credits scene“says another.

super unnecessary. By the way, the platform has lost 2.4 million users and I’m glad. Enough of sequels, ‘remakes’ and unnecessary franchise rehashes. They believe, innovate, make new stories, what do you know,” another tweeted.

“No please, stop desecrating the corpse of toy story“says another.

the saga toy story It has evolved over the years and in 2019 what seemed to be the latest installment hit theaters: toy story 4. The film grossed more than a billion dollars Worldwide.

Pixar’s controversial decision for ‘Lightyear’: nobody understands why they changed Buzz’s voice

Although no details have been given about the story that the new adventure of the toys will tell, Woody and Buzz will be back. At least, that seems to have been confirmed by Tim Allen, the actor who voices the star guardian.

“See you soon, Woody. You are a strange and sad little man and you have my compassion. Let’s go for number 5! To infinity and beyond!”Allen writes.

As to Frozen. The first delivery, Frozen the ice kingdomwas one of Disney’s greatest hits in recent years and its sequel Frozen II landed on billboards in 2019. On the other hand, zootropolis It debuted in theaters in 2016 and was very well received by the public and critics.

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