‘No time to die’: Daniel Craig was about to abandon James Bond after ‘Specter’

The actor has told why he considered saying goodbye to the franchise after suffering an injury during the filming of the film directed by Sam Mendes. ‘No Time To Die’, the interpreter’s farewell to agent 007, has already hit theaters.

No time to die it hardly happens. The film of James Bond Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga is Daniel Craig’s goodbye to Agent 007 after five installments. However, the actor was about to say goodbye to the character after filming Spectre. Although he finally made the decision to continue for one more installment, the problems during the filming of No time to die also destabilized the team behind the franchise, who considered stopping its production.

Craig, who debuted as James Bond in 2006 with the film Casino Royale, has told in an interview with USA Today why he almost said goodbye to the MI6 spy in 2015. “I’ve always tried to be honest about my feelings. When I started with Bond I got into it as physically as I could. I felt that this was really important. This is how I wanted my Bond to be, “the interpreter begins.

“I wanted people to believe that I was the one doing those action scenes. However, after Spectre, I really felt that I couldn’t do it anymore. I thought, ‘What’s the point?’ Also, it is almost a year away from my home. And that is very hard for everyone. That call [a mi mujer] saying, ‘Hello. I have injured myself. I’m going to the hospital. ‘ That’s not a great call to make. I felt like I couldn’t do it again“.

Craig has previously recounted that finished rolling Spectre “with a broken leg” and with a knee brace that had to be removed in post-production. The actor had to undergo arthroscopy surgery and, already in the filming of No time to die, the interpreter injured his knee. “Unfortunately, I’ve been in the same situation before and I know what it’s like to break a tendon.”, Craig recounted in Esquire.

To the problem of the possible resignation of the actor and his injury, No time to die it also had to face the abandonment of its original director. Danny Boyle (Trainspotting) was the one chosen to be placed behind the cameras, but said goodbye to the production by “creative differences”. That made, according to James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli, the team “consider shutting down production in full”.

‘No time to die’: This has been the end of Daniel Craig as James Bond

“It wasn’t for anything specific,” Broccoli said of Boyle’s retirement. “The movie he wanted to make and the movie we wanted to make was not the same movie”.

Finally, the saga team signed Cary Joji Fukunaga as director, Craig decided to give James Bond one last chance and No time to die -with a significant delay due to the coronavirus crisis- has already reached theaters. The film has collected more than $ 121 million in total among all the territories in which it has been released. In the United States it lands on the card this Friday, so that number will increase this weekend.