Nobody gave a penny for this movie, but it catapulted Jim Carrey’s career: now nobody can even see it

The actor became a benchmark in comedy and later starred in titles such as ‘Dumb and Dumber’ and ‘Compulsive Liar’.

There are films that at the time were a success with the public but which the passage of time has not treated well at all. Some titles from Jim Carrey’s filmography are an example. Especially the film that catapulted his career and made him a benchmark for comedy. And that nobody gave a penny for the project.

We refer to Ace Ventura: A different detectivea film directed by Tom Shadyac that was followed by the sequel Ace Ventura: Operation Africa. The first came to theaters in 1994 and the second two years later, in 1996. In the first film, Ace Venturaan eccentric animal detective, must find the mascot of the Miami Dolphinswhich has disappeared.

Originally, Carrey’s friends had no stakes in the film. “David Alan Grier would come out in the audience and say, ‘Jim, on his break, he’s going to do a movie called Ace Ventura: A different detective. Let’s wish him luck with that,” the actor told THR. “Everyone was making fun of me, pretending to clap and laugh at me”.

The truth is that when the film was released, two of the most important critics of the moment hated the film, but the audience loved it and it added more of 100 million dollars collection worldwide.

This had positive consequences for Carrey, whose salary for The maskwhich he had negotiated before Ace Ventura, was $450,000. After the premiere of the first installment, the actor signed for Two dumbs so dumbs by 7 million dollars. when she did a madman at home he was the highest paid actor.

Jim Carrey had such a hard time shooting this mythical comedy that he had to undergo CIA training to endure torture


Today, Ace Ventura: A different detective It hasn’t aged well. Sean Young’s character has been harshly criticized for its transphobic portrayal.

In the film it is revealed that Lieutenant Lois Einhor is a transgender woman. When the protagonist tells it, an exaggerated reaction is unleashed among all those present. Before that, upon finding out, Ace Ventura vomits. Even Carrey himself has admitted that this could have been done differently.

“It would probably be very different today,” the actor said. “This reaction from the character was completely homophobic. He was basically making fun of homophobia. It’s ridiculous. I have a plunger in my face because I kissed a guy. It’s ridiculous. To this day, it probably would not have been done the same. There’s a learning curve for all of us.”

This is not the only problem of Ace Ventura. The protagonist has a sexist behavior with the female characters, like the one played by Courteney Cox: she constantly disrespects them, doesn’t accept that they are in a position of power, makes fun of them and even harasses them. The saga, especially its sequel, also includes racist comments.

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