Nora Fatehi’s anger over Israel, Spite pain for Palestinians on social media

Nora Fatehi’s anger over Israel, Spite pain for Palestinians on social media

Bollywood actress and famous dancer Nora Fatehi is very active on social media. He has now voiced against the attacks on Palestine and has shared a long post on Instagram. The tension in Israel and Palestine has shaken the whole world and now many heartbreaking scenes are going viral on social media.

At the same time, Nora talked about political and military unrest in Israel in Instagram stories. They also raised their voice against the injustice that is going on in the eastern part of Jerusalem.

Nora Fatehi expressed concern

ora expressed her concern over how the people of Palestine are being tortured endlessly. He also mentioned that no one has the right to choose whose human rights are more important than others.

Why Palestinian Persecution Ignored?

He wrote in his post, ‘How can people who ignore Palestinian oppression condemn racial equality, LGBT, women’s rights advocates and hurt on corrupt and degrading regimes. You cannot choose whose human rights matter more another story, Israeli Nora, who is forced to evacuate, called for protests against Israeli security forces who are forcing Palestinians to move out of their homes. He said that the primary agenda of the protest was to stop the unjust violence that injured thousands of people in the state. Explaining the entire case, Nora Fatehi emphasized how violence against Palestinians is taking place.

Let us tell Israel and Palestine on the verge of civil war, for the last few days Israel and Palestine are on the verge of the civil war who are bombing and shelling each other. Visuals that are going viral on social media have seen aerial and rocket attacks from both ends.