Not For The Sensitive And Wonderfully Unique: Discover This Hidden Movie On Amazon Prime Video

If you want to discover a jewel on the streaming platform, don’t lose sight of ‘The sacrifice of a sacred deer’, by Yórgos Lánthimos.

The world of the seventh art is wonderful because it can generate all kinds of emotions, from the most extreme laughter to crying. The cinema of Yórgos Lánthimos is another story. To face one of his films is to accept that he is going to leave you a wound from which you may recover in a few days or leave an indelible mark. And that’s nice too. If you don’t know its cinema, a good place to start is The sacrifice of a sacred deer, from 2017, which is available in the Amazon Prime Video catalog.

This award-winning psychological thriller at the Cannes Film Festival introduces us to a family, the Murphys, who have it all. Steven (Colin Farrell) is a cardiovascular surgeon and Anna (Nicole Kidman) an ophthalmologist. One day, the father meets an orphan teenager and they develop a friendship. This seemingly innocent young man is about to uncover a mistake from his past that will upset his stability in the most heartbreaking way possible.

As in any Lánthimos movie, you can expect that The sacrifice of a sacred deer have a bit of different genres: horror, suspense, sci-fi, and even comedy. The filmmaker mixes elements of all of them to create a unique film that, we already warned, is not suitable for sensitive. Every detail that appears on the scene has been perfectly calculated to make the viewer uncomfortable. The tape warns that he is entering disturbing terrain and, instead of distancing ourselves, we want to get closer to discover what he has to tell us.

The director is an expert at that. He already did it with Canine (2009), an unclassifiable film about a family whose children remain trapped until a tusk falls off. The intensity and aggressiveness increases progressively on the tape until it ends in an ending that haunts your head days after you have seen it. Something similar happens with The sacrifice of a sacred deer, whose events end in a terrible and fascinating scene at the same time.

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Part of the appeal of the film is its cast. Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell bring the lead couple to life. Nothing new in them, as they do an excellent job. However, the one who stands out is Barry Keoghan, who plays the haunting family friend. Keoghan is an Irish actor in his early 30s who the industry has already noticed. In addition to The sacrifice of a sacred deer, it appears in Dunkerque (2017), The green knight (2021) and Eternals (2021).

If you feel like doing Lanthimos double, until December 31 is also available at Amazon Prime Video Langosta, another essential title of the director. On this occasion, the director delves into the romantic genre to present a world in which it is not allowed to live without a partner. Singles are taken to a hotel and only have 45 days to go out with a partner. If they do not find anyone they will be turned into an animal that they have previously chosen.

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