Not Prince Charming, Sanya Malhotra is looking for such a groom

Not Prince Charming, Sanya Malhotra is looking for such a groom

The career graph of Bollywood actress Sanya Malhotra has gone up very fast. Sanya, who made her debut in Hindi cinema with Aamir Khan’s starrer Dangal (Dangal) in 2016, has earned a lot of names in just 4-5 years. Sanya has worked in off-the-beat films and has earned that popularity on the basis of her acting in every film in which new actors take a lot of time.

How will you choose a life partner?

Sanya Malhotra, who is active on social media, is known for expressing her views openly. In an interview with TOI recently, he shared his thoughts about marriage. When Sanya was asked how she would choose her life partner, she said that anyone will do. The actress laughed and said that this is a very personal question. To be honest, I do not know.
Anyone can find
Sanya Malhotra said, ‘I am single and I am ready. I keep asking my friends, what should I do and they tell me that you just have to come out in the open. And I do not understand this thing at once. What do I have to do with it? I have not set any rules as to what my life partner should be like. If anyone is found, it will work.

If you are that then call me

though Sanya Malhotra said this jokingly and after that, she also laughed. Sanya said, “Jokes are in their place but they have to be a good person mentally, and spiritually awakened, and I will be very happy if our thinking matches.” Sanya said that for the readers, I just want to say that if you are like this then call me.