Nothing is lost, everything is found

Little Thumb drunk

(Beaten sight?)

It was not fresh fresh, he even had a serious blow in the pipe, but when he saw all this mobilization on the edge of the forest, he did not hesitate to join the rescuers to give a help. This Turkish drunkard therefore set out with the others on the steep paths of the massif. And then, after a while, he had a sort of doubt. Because it was his first name that everyone was shouting. So he ended up saying: “I am here!”. In fact, his friends were very worried, because he had been missing for several hours, and they had launched this search in the nearby forest. This is called unconsciousness.

Flying shell (ninja turtle)

She was lost too, the turtle that blocked traffic at Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan. It hit the runways, forcing the sky controllers to block the takeoff of six planes. It must be said that one of the aircraft was an elephantine A 380 from All Nippon Airways from the connection to Hawaii … with sea turtles drawn on the fuselage. Every time she wanted to go on vacation with her friends!

From the art of a pig (nothing at all)

A Danish museum has just lost a big bundle of money! The establishment had lent € 70,000 to an artist, so that he could place the tickets on the web: a sum which represents the annual income of a Dane, in order to encourage visitors to reflect on inequalities. But the creator made a blank canvas and kept the money: “My work is that I took their money”. A painting he elegantly titled: “Take the sorrel and shoot yourself”. The museum has fallen for the trap.

Eel on ecstasy (Mystic River)

Not lost on everyone: Researchers at Bangor University in Wales have found phenomenal levels of ecstasy and cocaine in the Whitelake River, putting a rare species of eel at risk. Blame it on the giant Glastonburry festival… and the liters of urine that were poured into nature by its 150,000 festival-goers, despite the toilets on site. It is certain, next year, the authorities will not let piss.